Chai Dhaba September 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Chai Dhaba is a monthly tea subscription box that sends four organic tea blends for you to enjoy. The teas are loose leaf and will follow a theme. The subscription costs $25 CAD (around $18.84 USD) and shipping is already included. This subscription ships from Canada.

Its always Tea-Time at Chai Dhaba. We are a monthly Organic Tea subscription that sends you hand-selected teas from all over the world. Every month we will send you 4 different teas (3-5 cups each) based on our monthly theme.

DEAL: Get 10% off your first box! Use coupon code HSB10.

When I opened my box I was greeted with pink tissue paper.

I found a card with my teas listed. I also found a discount code for a shop order but cannot find a shop on the brand’s website yet.

This side of the card lists an amount of tea to use but that was missing on the previous card. I will prepare my teas by using 1.5 teaspoons of tea for the black and 1 teaspoon for the others. I didn’t spy a theme, did you? I’ll go with “Beautiful Teas”.

Oohh, an extra!

Everything in my box!

I can’t wait to try my new teas from this brand new subscription box!

Well how cute is this? I’m calling it a Heart Handle Tea Infuser.

Place your loose leaf tea inside the strainer and then place in a mug. Pour the hot water over it, steep for the desired amount of time, and then remove and discard the spent tea, or set it aside to re-steep (great for green teas).

Chai Dhaba Lavender Rose Rooibos Tea is a fruity herbal tea so it is perfect for sipping in the evening when I don’t want caffeine.

Rooibos, lavender, and elderberry made for a strong cup of berry deliciousness. I really enjoyed the flavor of this tea and added sugar since it was pretty strong.

Chai Dhaba Sunny Side Up Tea I used 1.5 teaspoons of this blend that includes black tea, mango, and calendula.

My tea was lighter than my usual cup of bold black tea and had just a hint of tannins. I added a touch of milk and sugar and it was a delightful afternoon cup of fruity goodness.

Chai Dhaba Very Berry Tea Elderberries are supposed to be good for the immune system and I am getting over a cough so I was grateful to try this herbal tea.

Currants (they look like raisins), elderberries, and hibiscus made for a pretty purple cup of antioxidants. It had a lovely berry flavor and I added a little honey to enhance the antioxidant effect.

Chai Dhaba Genmaicha Tea Although green tea isn’t something I normally reach for, I make an exception for genmaicha.

I love the addition of popped rice to an otherwise delicate green tea and I think it gives it a fantastic, toasty flavor. I didn’t even need to add sugar! Make sure to keep the water from boiling, otherwise you might end up with bitter tea.

I was very impressed with the flavors and quality of my very first Chai Dhaba box! Each of the teas tasted amazing and I felt like the quality was superb. I liked each one so much and felt like they were perfect for my tastes. Two of the teas had caffeine and two were caffeine-free so I could choose the perfect tea for any time of day. I hope to see the addition of an online shop on the Chai Dhaba website so I can stock up on my favorites!

Are you getting the Chai Dhaba box?

Visit Chai Dhaba to subscribe or find out more!


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