Stitch Fix Kids July 2019 Boys Review

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Stitch Fix Kids is a personal styling service for kids clothing ranging from sizes 2T to 14. At $20 styling fee for each box, you’ll get 8 to 12 items with retail prices ranging from $10 to $35. You will be asked to share some styling preferences when you sign up for this box so that the items included will be curated accordingly. If there are clothes that don’t fit your kid or your sense of style, you can always return them by the return envelope included in the box. If you do decide to keep all of the items, you will get 25% off on the whole box.

This subscription is branded similarly to the women’s and men’s Stitch Fix lines, but with some bright colors thrown in for fun!

They really try to make the experience fun for kids. The inside of the box is cute and colorful, and they even suggest some creative projects using the box.

If there are any clothes that you wish to return, they provide a postage-paid return envelope for hassle-free shipping.

The kids’ box includes a sheet of stickers with some cool, kid-friendly designs. How cute!

This month’s Fix included a challenge card. This time we have to make our own camera!

The back of the card lists more details about the challenge and the prize, which is a $100 Stitch Fix credit.

There’s an envelope from Stitch Fix Kids!

Inside the envelope is a personal message from the stylist and a rundown of the items in the box.

Here’s a list of all the items included in this month’s Stitch Fix along with their size, color, and price.

They don’t have a styling guide like in the other Stitch Fix subscriptions, because of the number of items in the kids’ box.

Here’s the activity sheet included in the envelope. It’s nice that they added some fun activities for the kids to do.

All the items are neatly packed! They just stack ’em and wrap ’em in tissue, so you don’t have to open a ton of plastic bags.

Everything in my box!

Sovereign Code Shane Short Sleeve All Over Print Woven Shirt ($22) To add to my son’s summer wardrobe, we got this pink short-sleeved button-down shirt with lemon prints all over.

It comes with a single buttoned front pocket located at the left part of the chest.

The back of the collar features a small V-shaped cut, to make the polo a little easier to hang. It also works as additional design.

Primary Classic Chino Short ($18) This light blue chino short features a button-lock waistline with a pair of deep side pockets. We love casual yet classy shorts like this!

The short also comes with a pair of back pockets and hoops to run the belt through. This short is an ideal choice for a casual get-up.

This ensemble is so bright and fun. The pink button-down plus light blue shorts went really well together!

Capsule Bobby Short Sleeve Graphic Tee ($14) Graphic tees are always a hit with my kids and this one is not an exception. It’s a light blue shirt that features a cute bear surfer!

The bear has awesome accessories like a hat and cap. His surfboard and short are colorful as well!

Wait, there’s more! There’s a bigger print at the back! It features the same bear, but this time it’s only a headshot.

Primary Pull-On Stretch French Terry Short ($16) The next item we got is an orange pull-on short with an elastic waist and side pockets.

These shorts are so soft and breathable. It’s so versatile, it can easily be paired with any kind of top.

The blue graphic shirt fits my son comfortably. It makes a great pair with the orange shorts.

The huge bear face printed at the back of the shirt is really awesome. It’s quite eye-catching!

Tailor Vintage Dylan Short Sleeve Conversational Woven ($24) We got another short-sleeved button-down shirt in our box, and this time it features a green base color featuring a shuttlecock print all over.

Like the first button-down, this one also comes with a single pocket located on the left part of the chest.

Tailor Vintage Chase All Over Print Nylon Short ($20) The next short we got is a red one made with nylon and polyester fabric.

It’s so soft and lightweight. There are sailboat prints in white, which stands out on the red fabric.

Print on print! The color combination reminds us of Christmas, and although they may not be too suitable together, they can be paired with other items in the box. Also, my son loves them because they’re comfortable to wear!

Kid Dangerous Maximo Short Sleeve Graphic Tee ($12) We got another graphic tee in our box, and this time it comes with grey base color and a cute twisted pretzel print.

Below the twisted pretzel is the word “Don’t Get It Twisted..”

Hollywood The Jean People Trent Pull-On Slim Fit Knit Denim ($10) Denim pants never really go out of style, even for kids! We got one in the box, and it features a light wash.

It has an elastic waist, making it easy and comfortable to wear.

It also has back pockets. Unlike other pieces of denim, this one is lightweight so my son can move around comfortably while wearing it. It’s another great choice for a casual summer outfit when shorts are not an option.

Definitely a great pair! My son loved this graphic tee and jeans combo so much! The jeans were a bit too big for now, though!

Kid Dangerous Maximo Short Sleeve Graphic Tee ($12) Yes to more graphic shirts! This shirt is in navy blue, featuring a realistic bear print.

The bear is actually more cute than scary. It’s even wearing sunglasses!

It fits my son well. My son wanted to wear it with the red short, and they looked perfect together.

Kid Dangerous Maximo Short Sleeve Graphic Tee ($12) From the same makers as the previous graphic tee, we got a black shirt featuring a shark eating a slice of pizza!

The design is fun! The colors of the shark surely standout on the black fabric.

This black tee pairs perfectly with the orange pull-on shorts. My son thinks so too!

Stitch Fix never fails to wow us with fun and stylish pieces for my kids! This month’s fix included some cool graphic tees and shorts, plus a couple of short-sleeved button-downs. The designs are mostly head-turners, and we love them. I appreciate how versatile everything is. They’re easy to mix and match with each other and with other existing items in my son’s wardrobe. Just like me, my son loves everything in the box. He can’t help but be pleased with his new summer outfits! This subscription surely knows my son’s preferred styles, and we couldn’t be happier!

Are you getting the Stitch Fix Kids box too?

Visit Stitch Fix Kids to subscribe or find out more!


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