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More Labs produces smart, drinkable supplements to help you get more out of life and they’re available with a subscription. This is the review of More Labs’ Morning Recovery drinks. If you’ve subscribed to any snack boxes recently, you’ve probably seen these little wonder beverages in a box already!  Morning Recovery is designed to reduce the effects of alcohol on your body the next day. Skeptical, right? I got drunk and tried it for you. I have had some impressive hangovers in my lifetime and while I don’t regret anything that led up to them, having the hangovers themselves is something I could forget.

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The items arrive well protected.

The box includes an information card.

At the back, there’s a message from Sisun Lee, the Co-Founder & CEO, and Misha Frolov, the Co-Founder & Head of Design. More Labs currently produces three products:

Morning Recovery uses patent-pending technology to mitigate the negative effects of alcohol, so you wake up feeling like a million bucks.

Liquid Focus is not like regular caffeine, energy drinks, or smart drugs. It supports your focus and cognitive performance in four distinct ways.

Aqua+ is an oral rehydration solution designed to help you hydrate faster and more effectively than water alone.

We got two types of drinks in the box: More Labs Morning Recovery Drink and More Labs Morning Recovery Sugar-Free Drink.

These are recommended to be taken before you drink, between drinks, or right after you drink.

Except for the sugar content, both variants contain the same ingredients, like dihydromyricetin (also known as DHM), electrolytes, vitamin B complex, and milk thistle.

The boxes have perforated lines that you can easily tear to open and reveal the contents. There are 6 bottles in each box.

Everything in my box!

Both the regular drink and the sugar-free drink are lemon-flavored.

More Labs Morning Recovery Drink ($35) This dietary supplement in the form of a lemon-flavored drink will be your liver’s best friend, as it contains DHM which speeds up the breakdown of toxins from alcohol and makes sure that you flush it out from your system faster. DHM is found in Japanese raisin trees. Morning Recovery has less DHM than other products, because it must be dissolved in order to work – tablets and caplets don’t really do the job – so they use as much as will dissolve in the drink.

Each bottle contains 100 mL of drinks. It’s so refreshing, easy to chug down, and doesn’t really taste like it’s a supplement packed with herbal ingredients.

I love how it makes me feel the morning after drinking. My stomach no longer feels queasy.  No more headaches either.

More Labs Morning Recovery Sugar-Free Drink ($35) This sugar-free version of the Morning Recovery drink is for anyone who wants to cut down from their sugar intake but still needs to make sure they’ll be up and running the next morning after a night filled with alcoholic drinks.

It tastes a bit less sweet, but the effect is pretty much the same with the same amount of Dihydromyricetin. I probably preferred the sugar-free version, because I hate adding sugar when I’m drinking, but if you’re squeamish about sugarfree, the regular version works just as well.

I’ve tried the Morning Recovery drink before and it worked wonders for me, so I’m super happy that they offer a subscription. We got 2 boxes, with 6 bottles in each one, so that makes a total of 12 bottles. It already makes a complete supply for a month or even two, depending on how often you drink. It’s also great to share with family and friends!

This won’t work if you take it when you already have a hangover, nor is it going to cure symptoms after you get blackout drunk, but it reduces headaches and those shakes the next day. It does let you get your next day back, and I think they’re worth trying to see if they work for you. For me I never felt the thought that I’d be better off with a little hair of the dog, I had productive days after a night of serious drinking, and I’d say my hangover was 90% reduced.

What do you think about More Labs? Has Morning Recovery worked for you?


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