Little Global Citizens July 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon – GHANA

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Little Global Citizens is a monthly subscription designed by a team of experienced travelers and educators for kids ages 3-7.  Each month, you and your kids will get a curated box that includes items like child and adult guide to a new country, a carefully sourced book, toy or collectible, 2-4 hands-on crafts (supplies included), 2-4 cultural activities including family games and musical activities (supplies included), and dinner party theme. The box costs $38.95, and a sibling add-on of $10.95 per month. Little Global Citizens donates a percentage of all profits to Room to Read, in supporting education equality and literacy for developing countries.

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Every box is entirely unique to keep little minds stimulated.

It also transports your child to a new country with each box.

Every box comes with a huge booklet that features everything you need to know about the box.

This month’s featured country is GHANA!

The back of the booklet comes with a beautiful message from Tim & Akeelah, the founders of Little Global Citizens box.

Akwaaba! This part of the booklet introduces us to Abena, a cute little girl who lived in a small village in the southern part of the country outside Accra.

Aside from a guide on what to expect in the box, we also got to know about one of Ghana’s famous recipes, Red Red with Kelewele.

Another feature is about kente cloth, a fabric made of interwoven cloth strips from the ethnic group named Akan.

They also gave us a peek of one of Ghana’s most famous handicrafts, the Bolga baskets. On the other page, we’re introduced to Adinkra cloth, which is hand stamped using special gourds that are shaped into unique symbols.

Every country has a flag, and each flag comes with a story or meaning that makes it what it is. The Ghananian flag has 3 colors including red that represents Ghana’s struggle for independence from Great Britain, yellow for gold found in the land, and green which is the symbol for the country’s rich forests and natural wealth. Lastly, the black star in the middle symbolizes African freedom.

Everything in my box!

Included in this month’s box is a card that features a variety of fruit with their Akan names.

Akan is made up of three dialects that include Fante, Asante Twi, and Akwapim Twi. The back of the card features more Akan words with their corresponding English translation.

Tule Body Care West African Shea Butter Body Cream. It’s a body cream formulated to keep one’s skin glowing and moisturized.

It’s made with all-organic ingredients which include shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, vegetable glycerin, vitamin E oil, chamomile, and vanilla. This natural product is a fun souvenir of Ghana!


Kente Coloring. The first project we got is a coloring activity that features the Kente weaving pattern.

My kids really gave it their best shot and created a colorful Kente pattern!

We even got some examples of well-designed Kente patterns.

The design is so colorful and the pattern looks really amazing!

“Adinkra” Symbols. The next activity we got is a matching-type game. You simply cut out the cards and lay them in rows, face-down on a table.

Match each card accordingly by lifting a pair of cards at the same time. The person who has the most matching pairs wins the game. We loved learning about the Adinkira symbols of Ghana!

Basket Weaving. The next activity we got is called basket weaving. From the box, we received a card basket template, long colored raffia, and short colored raffia.

It’s so easy to do! The first step is to fold each arm of your basket up at the base to form a bowl shape, then start the weaving in an alternating process, starting from the base up to the top of the basket.

Once done, secure the end of the raffia on the top of the basket by tucking it in. Lace the roll of the shorter raffia through all of the holes at the top of the basket and tuck the end inside.

“Adinkra” Stamped Backpack. For the next project, we used a model magic, paint pot, and canvas backpack.

This activity is inspired by the Adinkra symbols. Using the model magic, the kids just have to create your own stamp by molding it, letting it dry, and dipping it into the paint pot and stamping it on the canvas backpack.

When finished with the design, turn the stamp over and gently press it on the backpack.

For a much better result, you can use a tape to the bag to make sure it’s straight flat and won’t easily move when it is being stamped.

According to the card, you can also add shapes to your fabric by making vegetable stamps made by cutting vegetable into shapes and use the cut end as a stamp.

Djembe Drum. Djembe Drum is a rope-tuned skin-covered drum played using bare hands. This type of drum is one of West Africa’s best-known instruments used for various ceremonies. On this activity, the kids are asked to simply connect the dots to form a Djembe Drum!

Salamatu And Kandoni Go Missing by Steve Brace ($6.29)

Salamatu’s goat follows her to school, leading to a series of misadventures. Provides an insight into life in Ghana and allows comparisons to our own country. Published in conjunction with Action Aid.

This wonderful book is written by Steve Brace and it’s ideal for kids 5-6 years of age.

This book tackles the life of Salamatu who is living together with her family in Nansoni, a small village in Ghana. It’s a simple and child-friendly way of learning about life in Ghana.

Featured on this part of the booklet is the time when Salamatu is looking for Kandoni, her cute goat who followed her going to school but lost along the way. The illustrations are beautiful!

Here are all of our finished projects!

Little Global Citizens box is always jampacked with activities to introduce kids to various countries around the world and their culture. This month’s box is all about Ghana. My kids loved learning about their rich history and the colorful traditions that are unique to their country. They also loved the arts and crafts inside the box, most especially the basket weaving and bag stamping. The other activities are quite simple and ideal for younger kids. All in all, this box made a fun learning experience for my kids, so we couldn’t be happier! We’re also looking forward to more exciting global adventures through this subscription!

What do you think of the Little Global Citizens box?

Visit Little Global Citizens to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Lily Tittle

    These boxes are amazing! I really want this one AND so many more!!

  • Akeelah

    Thanks so much for sharing this review! We’re so glad you & your son enjoyed learning about Ghana! Our next box (Sept) is all about India and is packed full of exciting activities .