Emma & Chloe July 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Emma & Chloe is a monthly French designer jewelry subscription box. Every month you’ll get a new piece ($50 to $200 value) for $35. You can also shop the website for some beautiful accessories, and your monthly membership comes with 20% off the shop!

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Even the box is so fab!

We also got a mini-magazine this month!

Every month, you’ll receive the item in your choice of finish: either plated with gold or deep coated in silver. You can also choose to be surprised!

The booklet is packed with lots of high-quality photos!

Blazing sun, hostile landscapes, and ochre shades.

In the scorching sun, the atmosphere is heavy.

The cicada chirping mixes with the brightness of gilding, the softness of crystals, the cowrie soul, and the stones’ roundress shaped as pearls.

This month, we are taking you to the far West, where land extends as far as the eye can see, where vermillion-colored nature takes over again, where freedom is wild.

The photos help set the theme and also give you inspiration.

The magazine also listed some of the materials in making these precious pieces.

They even share some steps in designing jewelry.

Sonora Bracelet ($69)

Starred in our Summer Collection Mirage and inspired by amulets, the Sonora bracelet stands out with the mix of materials that compose it. The various shades of Amazonite stones shaped as pearls combine with rounded brass spheres, gilded with fine gold or silver rhodium. Two charms add-up to this piece designed for summer. On one hand, the eye protects and repels Evil, on the other hand, the beetle symbolizes the divine manifestation of the early morning sun.

More photos are provided for inspiration!

Here’s a full-page feature of the piece! The background is awesome!

The magazine also features a lot of other pieces to go with the featured jewelry.

Everything in my box!

This certificate is proof that they value high standards, quality, and craftsmanship in their work. Their product’s authenticity is beyond dispute.

Knowing how to value and preserve your jewelry is essential, that’s why they included a card with some special care tips.

The drawstring pouch features Emma & Chloe branding.

Sonora Bracelet ($69) It’s a beautiful bracelet designed in France, and it is made up of rounded brass spheres, with a golden eye and beetle accents.

Aside from the drawstring pouch, the bracelet also came with an elegant box featuring an Emma & Chloe gold foiled logo on the cover.

The bracelet has a lobster claw enclosure, and an extension so it can fit any wrist.

It is believed that the eye protects and repels Evil, while the beetle symbolizes the divine manifestation of the early morning sun.

LOV Organic Summer In LOV Tea ($0.89) Also included in this month’s box is a small sachet containing tea. It has peach, apricot, hibiscus, and watermelon which give the tea a taste of summer. You can enjoy this hot or cold, just steep for 5 minutes at 90°C.

This month’s featured bracelet is a sophisticated piece. It can be matched with any outfit, from casual shirt and jeans to beautiful evening gowns and dresses. The Amazonite stones are shaped beautifully like pearls. With the addition of the golden eye and beetle, the piece is made more precious, especially to those who believe that the symbols can serve as protection. It’s a great thing that the magazine provided us with more information about the piece, how it’s made, the materials, and even how you can wear it and match it with your style. Next month’s sneak peek really got me excited, I can’t wait to add another precious piece in my exquisite collection!

Here’s more of the booklet:

This makes outfit planning much easier!

Another helpful section in the magazine is The Fashion Edit.

There’s even an article about solo traveling and how to be ready for your next adventure.

This section of the magazine is called Coup De Cour, which is a French expression that pertains to “a sudden strong attraction” to a thing.

They also list out some interesting Instagram accounts!

There’s even a nice feature of Lov Organic.

Members enjoy a permanent 20% off any e-shop orders when logged into their account. We also got a sneak peek for next month’s box.

What do you think of this month’s jewelry?

Visit Emma & Chloe to subscribe or find out more!


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