Doki Doki August 2019 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Doki Doki is a monthly kawaii subscription box from Japan Crate. Every month, you’ll receive super cute Japanese items – accessories, stationery, plushies, and other adorable Japanese goodies.

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The interior of the box is filled with doodles.

There’s a big item on top, and it covers the rest of the items.

The box includes a booklet with a kawaii cover art!

August 2019 theme is CAT ISLAND ADVENTURE.

Inside, there are photos of the items, plus a brief description of each.

Everything in the August 2019 box!

Rilakkuma Cat Towel. We all know that Rilakkuma and friends are adorable bears, but just to blend in the cat island, they dressed up as… CATS! ?

Rilakkuma is the biggest one, and he’s wearing an orange cat costume. In front of him is Korilakkuma, sporting a gray cat suit. They’re joined by Kiiroitori, who is a duck, and a small cat!

There’s another Kiiroitori and this time, he’s dressed up as a cat as well! He’s joined by Korilakkuma, still in a gray cat costume. The towel is perfect for a beach getaway as it is light yet it dries effectively. It can also be used as a mat.

Fluffy Cat Plush. The biggest item in the box is this kitty plush! There are 6 designs available, and I got it in brown.

It’s so fluffy, and the cat looks like it’s taking a nap! As expected from a cat who spends most of its life sleeping!

Its butt is replaced by an asterisk!

Cat Eco Bag. This cute eco bag will be very useful especially during shopping and vacations, in case we’ll need more storage space!

The bag features different cat breeds in relaxing positions.

There’s a pocket where you can keep the bag after you roll it up. It can also be easily attached to another bag because it came with a carabiner clip.

Hello Kitty Lanyard. It’s not a cat-themed box without Japan’s most popular cat character, Hello Kitty. This time, she’s gracing a cute pink lanyard!

Aside from Hello Kitty herself, there are also other cute items featured on the lanyard such as apples, stars, lollipops, ribbons, and more.

You can use the lanyard for your IDs or even your keys!

Cat Umbrella. It’s a foldable umbrella in purple! Of course, it features cats both on the canopy and the handle!

It came with a pouch with the same design as the umbrella’s canopy.

The umbrella is compact, it can fit even on a medium-sized bag, or I can just stash it inside a tote!

The outside looks cute with all that kitty and kitty paw prints, and there are fishes too!

It’s a two-fold umbrella, which makes it really handy!

Cats are undeniably one of the cutest and most hilarious pets that you can have! In Japan, they even have an island where there are more cats than humans! This box is dedicated to these tiny carnivores that can be funny at times. Also, there are many popular characters based on this animal, like Hello Kitty! This box doesn’t just send me cute stuff but most of them are useful too, like the eco bag, umbrella, and the towel that I can bring during travels. The kitty plush is also a darling and I love it! This is definitely a feel-good box that will make your days brighter, so it’s a must-try!

What did you think of this month’s Doki Doki Crate?

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