BookCase.Club August 2019 Subscription Box Review & 50% Off Coupon – Teenage Dream

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BookCase.Club is a monthly book subscription box offering different genres, including Children’s, Young Adult, Mystery/Thriller, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and Romance. Each box contains 2 handpicked books, except for the Children’s box that contains 3. At $9.99 plus shipping, it’s one of the best and most inexpensive book subscriptions around! Also, they give you the option to change your genre with each billing cycle by logging into your account!

This is the review of the Teenage Dream case, which contains 2 handpicked YA books!

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The books were wrapped in tissue paper featuring BookCase.Club’s logo and their social media handles.

Two books welcomed us upon opening the wrapping paper. There are no cards.

Everything in my box!

I’ll Eat When I’m Dead by Barbara Bourland ($10.95)

Every weekday morning, as the sun rose above Sixth Avenue, a peerless crop of women-frames poised, behavior polished, networks connected, and bodies generally buffed to a high sheen-were herded by the cattle prod of their own ambition to one particular building. They’re smart, stylish, and sophisticated, even the one found dead in her office.

When stylish Hillary Whitney dies alone in a locked, windowless conference room at the offices of RAGE Fashion Book, her death is initially ruled an unfortunate side effect of the unrelenting pressure to be thin. But Hillary’s best friend and fellow RAGE editor Catherine Ono knows her friend’s dieting wasn’t a capital P problem. If beauty could kill, it’d take more than that.

When two months later, a cryptic note in Hillary’s handwriting ends up in the office of the NYPD and the case is reopened, Det. Mark Hutton is led straight into the glamorous world of RAGE and into the life of hot-headed and fiercely fabulous Cat, who insists on joining the investigation. Surrounded by a supporting cast of party girls, Type A narcissists and half- dead socialites, Cat and her colleague Bess Bonner are determined to solve the case and achieve sartorial perfection. But their amateur detective work has disastrous results, and the two ingénues are caught in a web of drugs, sex, lies and moisturizer that changes their lives forever.

Viciously funny, this sharp and satirical take on the politics of women’s bodies and women’s work is an addictive debut novel that dazzles with style and savoire faire.

The back cover was filled with praises from various authors. It made us quite intrigued!

The flap gave us a peek at the story. If you’re interested in the high-end fashion world, this book is for you!

The story lived up to every promise. It was funny, smart, and sassy, plus the author’s storytelling style is really entertaining.

The author was also able to raise various issues surrounding the fashion industry while keeping things light. The main character, Cat Ono, is a lovable one as well.

Burn Town by Jennifer McMahon ($17.77)

On the surface, Ashford, Vermont, seems like a quaint New England college town, but to those who live among the shadowy remains of its abandoned mills and factories, and beneath its towering steel bridges, it’s known as Burntown.

Eva Sandeski, who goes by the name Necco on the street, has been a part of Burntown’s underworld for years, ever since the night her father, Miles, drowned in a flood that left her and her mother, Lily, homeless. A respected professor, Miles was also an inventor of fantastic machines, including one so secret that the plans were said to have been stolen from Thomas Edison’s workshop. According to Lily, this machine got Miles murdered.

Necco has always written off this claim as the fevered imaginings of a woman consumed by grief. But when Lily also dies under mysterious circumstances, and Necco’s boyfriend is murdered, she’s convinced her mother was telling the truth. Now, on the run from a man called Snake Eyes, Necco must rely on other Burntown outsiders to survive.

As the lives of these misfits intersect, and as the killer from the Sandeski family’s past draws ever closer, a story of edge-of-your-seat suspense begins to unfurl with classic Jennifer McMahon twists and turns.

This one is for the fans of mystery thrillers! It was combined with elements of fantasy, making it even more exciting.

The book synopsis is also printed on the flap of the book, which mentions Thomas Edison. Supposedly, in this fictional world, he made a plan for a machine that allows one to talk to the dead. However, he is not the center of the story but Eva, the daughter of a man who had the possession of those plans.

The pace was brisk and the story was vividly rendered.

Anyone for Necco wafers besides us?!

BookCase.Club sends us great reads every month and we couldn’t ask for more! This month’s book picks are both amazing, one had hilarious parts and the other is a gripping mystery. It’s a great subscription if you’re too lazy to go to the bookstore or when you just want to be surprised with new books from your favorite genre. You can even switch genres every month or just stick to one if you wish so!

Have you tried BookCase.Club? What are you currently reading?

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