ZenPop Japanese Packs August 2019 Review – Sweets Pack

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ZenPop Japanese Packs offers five different boxes from Japan — Sweets, Ramen, Sweets + Ramen, and Stationery! You can do a one-time box to try it out, or subscribe and save some money. I’ve reviewed a couple of their boxes before and was so impressed with the curation!

First look!

The information sheet is a standard size piece of paper; everything is described. The August theme is Island Vacation with a focus on summer and tropical flavours.

Kiwi Pure Gummies — Did you know there are two kinds of kiwi? Golden and green! Apparently some are sweet and some are sour. These gummies were a nice mix that I enjoyed.

Lemon Ika-ten Nuts — A trail mix type of snack with a lemon squid flavour. I don’t like squid (ika) so I let my friend try these. He liked the oceany fishy flavour and the tart lemon. The little rice crackers were his favourite.

Gold Gaburi Chew — Japan makes great soft chews, like taffy, and this is a pineapple and peach flavour that melts in your mouth. The perfect summer treat.

Hi-Chew Banana — Hi-Chew is found everywhere even in North America for its fun packaging, crazy flavours, and fun taffy like texture. These are banana and while the flavour is that synthetic kind it’s addicting.

Gateau Chocolate — A pack of two soft chocolate cookies. They are a bit chewy but have a rich flavour.

Kiwi Mango Gel Gummies — Kiwi and Mango with a juicy center. These reminded me of those Gushers fruit snacks we had when we were kids! There is also Vitamin C powder in them for an extra boost of vitamins!

Dole Pineapple Gummies — 100% pineapple juice! These were so yummy and soft, and tasted exactly like pineapple juice.

Lady Corn — Haha, I love the superhero art on this! These corn snacks are crunchy but they tasted a bit too much like corn for me. I know it sounds silly, but it tastes so authentic I thought I was just eating corn!

Ottotto — I’ve had these snacks before and so I was very happy to see them again. They are an assortment of sea animal characters and they are crunchy and delicious. They have a salty flavour.

Here are the cute Ottotto crackers!

Coconut Sable Cookies — A huge bag of coconut flavoured biscuits. I took these into work since it was such a generous size and everyone loved them. They have a sugary glaze too that adds a sweetness to them.

Wasabi Potato Chips — Ridged chips with a spicy wasabi flavour. I’m not a huge wasabi fan so I was only brave enough to try one… they were tasty but definitely spicy! My coworkers gobbled them down.

Pretz Mild Roast — Made by Glico, Pretz are the saovoury twin of Pocky. These pretzel sticks have a buttery flavour to them and are absolutely addicting!

Teriyaki Umaibo — Umaibo are giant puffed corn snacks and this teriyaki one evokes summer barbeque vibes!

Sumikko Gurashi Gum — A piece of lemon gum with kawaii Shirokuma sleeping. Some Tapioca are hiding under his bed!

Fruits C — Citrus flavoured candies with vitamin C to keep you going when you need a rush of sugar!

The Sweets Pack had a super fun summer theme and lots of delicious fruity treats!

Visit ZenPop Japanese Packs to subscribe or find out more!


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