My Be Better Box July-August 2019 Subscription Box Review

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My Be Better Box is a bi-monthly subscription box for “busy go-getters who appreciate guided self improvement, are excited about new wellness products, and love to give back.” You will receive two months worth of challenges and some products to help you complete some of the tasks. Complete the tasks and money is donated to a charity. My Be Better Box is $44.50 every two months.

  • Give a gift that will have meaning and impact all year long.
  • 2 months of printed wellness challenges in a keepsake envelope
  • 6 wellness products to excite and assist you in completing the challenges
  • An accountability check-off chart. If you complete all the challenges, than a bonus item is in your next box
  • A promised donation made to the charity, Every Mother Counts, for each completed challenge.

The presentation is simple and my items were wrapped with tissue paper.

There was a card that talked about the Be Better community and their Facebook group.

I received a tracker for the months of July and August. Keep it handy to mark off the challenges and if you complete them all you will receive a bonus item in your next box.

The challenges are listed on cards that were placed in an envelope.

There were 9 cards/challenges for this shipment.

Each card features a quote.

The back of each card has the challenge and if there is a corresponding product in the box, brief instructions on how to use it.

The items were tucked into shredded paper squiggles.

Everything in the box! Looking good!

Honey Done Farmhouse Chopping Board ($14.99) The Week 35 challenge is to “Enjoy a picnic” and they suggest taking this board along as a kind of plate or maybe a cheese board. In my research I haven’t actually observed anyone using it as a cutting board!

The board is made of real hardwood and is about 5″ square and 3/4″ thick. I’m wondering if this is mainly for show/deco?

Mulberry Creek Traditionals Bleuphoria Tea ($3.50) One week wasn’t listed on the checklist but I think this is Week 27 and that challenge is “Herbal Tea”.

I love tea so this isn’t a challenge at all to me, more like a reward! Ingredients were listed on the front of the bag and steeping instructions were on the back.

Butterfly Pea flower, licorice root, orange peel, spearmint, cardamom, oatstraw, eleuthero root, strawberry leaf, and cornflowers are the ingredients and this tea is meant to be uplifting and help improve your mood. It is caffeine-free.

Isn’t this beautiful! A little bird told me that if you add a squirt of lemon juice it will turn pink! The flavor is minty but also earthy (like hay maybe) but not in a bad way. I didn’t even add sugar and it was tasty.

Enchanted Brooke Headache Rx Shower Steamers ($6.15) I’m not a fan of bath bombs but shower steamers are my jam! Thankfully Week 29’s challenge is “Solitude” so I get to use these all by myself.

These worked really well. I placed one in the corner of my shower and turned on the water. When I entered the shower I could smell the uplifting scent of eucalyptus and menthol. The steamer lasted as long as my shower and I was impressed with this product!

Quickles Pickling Concentrate ($4.90) Week 30’s challenge is “Fermentation” and I am all for eating more pickles, kimchi, miso, and kefir!

This is pretty much vinegar, spices, and salt. Just add to a jar with 1/2 pound of produce (carrots, cucumbers, green beans) and some water and stick in the fridge for a couple days before eating. This is not the same thing as canning so make sure to keep them in the fridge and eat them within a week or so.

Blue Glass Spray Bottle ($2) For Week 33 we embrace “Non-Toxic Smells” and the idea is that you can use this empty spray bottle to make your own air freshener. You will need distilled water, witch hazel or rubbing alcohol, and an essential oil such as lavender or orange. You will also need to Google some instructions but it’s really easy to make.

Urban Chaos Coconut Handmade Face & Body Soap ($7) Week 34 is all about “Coconut Oil” and I cannot wait to use this hand-crafted soap.

According to the Etsy site this product has not only coconut oil but also kaolin clay.

If it has fragrance then I can’t smell it but that’s not exactly a bad thing. I will either use this in the shower or even set it next to the kitchen sink because the lack of scent is perfect for when I’m cooking.

My Be Better Box is such a good way to inspire me to help improve my life and the lives of others with small, do-able challenges. It also helps that they include products to help complete the challenges. I appreciate that money is given to a charity too so that makes me feel good inside. The products are all of excellent quality and are all-natural to boot.

What do you think of My Be Better Box?

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My Be Better Box

We are a new bi-monthly subscription box for busy go-getters who appreciate guided self improvement, are excited about new wellness products, and love to give back. All challenges in box are part of the Be Better Movement campaign. For every completed challenge money, is donated to charity.

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