Breo Box Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Summer 2019

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Breo Box is a lifestyle subscription that arrives in a handcrafted customized wooden box every quarter. Each box contains 6-high-quality products for men and women, revolving around categories such as health, fitness, and lifestyle essentials. Boxes are also curated around the season. The box costs $159 for the first quarter and less if you’re getting consecutive boxes. Shipping is free in the US and $45 to Canada.

DEAL: Get $15 off your first box! Use coupon code HS15.

Inside the brown box is a smaller wooden box containing all the items. There’s also bubble wrap to cushion everything!

The color of the boxes changes every quarter. This time, it’s plain and simple, just the original cream-colored wood.

The items inside the wooden crate came with their individual packaging as well.

The box includes a black envelope sealed with a Breo Box sticker.

It’s sleek in black!

Inside, there’s a sheet that lists all the items and their retail value. I wish it’s more informative and detailed though.

Everything in my box!

Ekho Sports & Action DV8000 Waterproof Camera ($99) For outdoor enthusiasts or simply those who love to travel, a waterproof camera like this is really useful!

The DV8000 waterproof camera comes in a sophisticated box with a customized container that ensures the safety of the gadget.

Everything inside the kit!

This camera features a durable plastic container. It’s what makes the camera waterproof and dustproof.

The high-definition camera features a 1920 x 1080 resolution, 12-megapixel GC2023 camera lens, and micro SD storage media.

It also comes with a 2-inch LCD, 900mAh lithium battery, and built-in microphone on sides.

This camera uses a USB and HDMI-port for charging and transferring details. It is also Wi-Fi ready for any wireless connection!

The plastic case is lighter than it seems. It’s handy and easy to bring when you’re on the go.

Blender Bottle Radian Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker ($25) It’s a handy blender bottle with an insulated, double-wall vacuum that can keep your drinks cold for a long time with no condensation at all.

It has a carry loop that detaches at the base, securing your key ring and helping you clip the bottle to your gym bag with ease.

Inside the bottle is a unique and patented mixing system that uses a blender ball. You can use it to make protein shakes without the mess!

That! Inventions Scoop That Li’l Dipper ($19) No more hard time scooping frozen cold ice cream with this unique thermal ice cream spoon.

It’s space-age technology, that’s for sure!

It’s a super handy scooper made from aluminum with a built-in magnet and soft silicone for a more comfortable grip. The scooper is designed with thermal characteristics that gently soften the ice cream on contact.

Dodow Sleep Aid Device ($60) This device is designed for insomniacs or people who find it very hard to have a deep sleep. This gadget features a light system that helps you fall asleep naturally.

The back of the box provides information on how this gadget works and the benefits you’ll get once you start using it.

Inside the box are the device, a couple of cards, and a brochure.

It also includes 3 AA batteries.

To use, you just need to tap the touch-sensitive part once for the 8-minute mode, and twice for the 20-minute mode.

Once the mode is set, a blue light will be projected to your ceiling.

The design is sleek and sturdy. It’s the perfect thing to put on your bedside table.

You just need to focus on the projected light. This helps you slow down and synchronize your breathing with the movement of the light.

The light adjusts accordingly. Inhale when the light expands, and exhale when the light retracts. It’s super simple – and it works!

OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker ($50) It’s a cold brew coffee maker made that comes with BPA-free containers and stainless steel reusable mesh filters.

This part of the box provides a detailed breakdown of the parts of this unique coffee maker.

Inside the box is an instruction manual booklet that provides everything you need to know about the coffee maker. It even included some brewing recipes that may help you achieve the best coffee brew ever.

The box includes a borosilicate glass carafe, a compact storage, and 10 pieces of paper filters.

The booklet even includes useful information about the paper filters.

Why Paper Filters?

While developing our Cold Brew Coffee Maker, we tested many kinds of filters. When all was said and done, we created a fine mesh stainless steel filter that delivers smooth, delicious cold-brew coffee concentrate. However, we realize the coffee making is a very personal experience, and everyone has different taste preferences. That’s why we decided to include paper filters for those who want an extra layer of filtration.

The beaker glass comes with measurement markings. It has a 32-ounce maximum capacity.

This cold-brew processor makes smoother, less bitter and less acidic hot or iced coffee. Steeping the grounds in cold water releases only the most aromatic flavors. Plus, the concentrate created from the cold-brew process stays fresh longer than regular coffee.

The brew release switch starts and stops the filtration process with one click. I love how the coffee maker is designed not just to make things easier for the user, but to give you the best possible coffee brew as well.

Summer 2019 Breo Box was totally amazing. It was jampacked with tools and gadgets I’ve never thought I needed. From the camera to the coffee maker, the box speaks to me because they fit my lifestyle. I love everything but if I have to choose a favorite, it’s definitely the coffee maker. I like my coffee hot and fresh, and that’s exactly what it gave me. Coming in a close second is the sleeping aid device. It doesn’t work like magic, but it does help especially when you want to relax and slow down after a busy day. Overall, it’s a totally impressive box! The total retail value is $253, which is way more than the cost of the quarterly box!

What did you think of Breo Box?

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