BoxDog Summer 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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BoxDog offers a seasonal subscription box which covers an extra large box delivered to you 4 times per year. Every box is filled with a large assortment of handmade treats, chews, and bakery items from their chefs. Members can customize their box with their choice of toys, wearables, gadgets and more.

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This quarter’s box is called Miami Edition!

There’s a booklet on top of the items!

The items were wrapped in white tissue paper and sealed with a BoxDog sticker.

The treats were packed properly in plastic containers so they didn’t spill or cause a mess during transit.

The information card features cute photos of dogs in front.

At the back, there’s a welcome message, a list of the items in the box, and more information about the box. Like other seasonal subscriptions, BoxDog lets you customize the selections in your box so they’re just right for your dog!  We chose a toy and a leash!

Everything in my box!

Hear Doggy! Gator Squeaker Dog Toy ($9.99) It’s an ultrasonic plush toy with a squeaker heard only by dogs!

The back of the packaging explains more about the “silent” toy. It’s not magic, there’s science behind it!

Dogs can hear sounds at higher frequency than humans. Hear Doggy! toys feature a patented squeaker that is tuned to an ultrasonic frequency that is out of human hearing range but sill fun for your four legged friend!

The plush toy doesn’t contain messy stuffing either. It has a chew-resistant lining and reinforced seams to ensure durability.

It’s perfect if you don’t want to be disturbed by the squeaking sound of dog toys while you’re working or talking on the phone.  It’s magic!!!

Dog Leash. The dog leash is sturdy and durable, with a fun tropical pattern! Our old leashes are old, and this replacement was just what was needed!

Box Dog Bakery Gourmet Dog Cake. Who said dogs can’t have their own cake? Whether it’s their birthday or not, this cake would make a yummy snack!

The bottom of the packaging lists the ingredients used, which are flour, honey, shortening, vanilla, and yogurt frosting.

It’s a summer-themed cake!

Blue is the overall color of the cake, with cute details such as a crab, a tree, and a sun.

It’s adorable, at least for us humans because our dogs want to gobble it down right away.

Inside, the cake looks like a stack of chewy cookies!

You can easily separate each cookie and there’s a thin layer of white frosting in between them.

Here’s Lindy getting excited about the cake!

So tasty! We know she loved it because she gobbled it down with gusto! She’s our senior lady, but she acted like a puppy over this dog cake!!!

Box Dog Bakery Gourmet Frosted Cookies. The frosted cookies are made with flour, honey, vegetable oil, vanilla, and yogurt frosting. They arrived in a plastic container.

Wow, they look just as good as cookies for humans! One is shaped turtle-inspired, and the other is alligator-inspired. Both have frostings in green.

Box Dog Bakery Guava & Queso Pastelitos. Guava and cream cheese in one treat? That sounds quite unique and interesting! Aside from those two, this snack also contains oat flour, brown rice flour, peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon.

The treats are moist and chewy. I can tell that my pups loved these treats because these were immediately gone after being served!

Box Dog Bakery Gourmet Cookies. More cookies for our dogs! These bone-shaped cookies are made with flour, honey, vegetable oil, and vanilla.

This time they had no frostings but our pups loved them just the same. You can break them down into smaller pieces if you wish. They’re not crumbly at all.

BoxDog Chewgars. Chewgar is a fun name for a jerky stick. We received one in our box and, just like everything else in the box, it was a hit with our dogs!

This jerky stick is made with grass-fed beef.

It’s tough and chewy, so it kept our pups busy for quite some time.

You can break this down into two or into much smaller pieces, depending on your dog’s size.

BoxDog Blueberry Facial. Of course, our dogs deserve pampering too! This blueberry facial cleanser and mask helps remove tear stains and brighten a dog’s coat color.

The formula produces a lot of foam. It’s made with dog-safe ingredients as well. The detailed instructions on how to use it are posted on their website.

There’s always a room for another snack. Dean loved the bone-shaped cookies!

It’s always fun when we get to customize our dogs’ boxes! BoxDog gave us that experience and will continue to do so, which is really awesome. This box was jampacked with delicious dog treats, plus a fun and durable toy and a new leash we can use when we go out for a walk! I also loved the inclusion of a facial cleanser and mask. It’s great to have something so gentle yet so effective for when we bathe our dogs. Our first box from BoxDog is really impressive! I know my pups agree, because they were absolute nutballs over the treats, which were so adorable!

What do you think of BoxDog?

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