Birchbox July 2019 Pop of Color Curated Box Review + Coupon

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Birchbox is a beauty sample subscription box that sends 5 new items to test out each month so you can try before you buy. Birchbox recently made some changes and is now $15 a month, or sign up for longer terms and save a buck or two per month. Birchbox lets you choose a monthly sample during selection time or you can let Birchbox decide. You can also pick a pre-curated box and from now on they are supposed to have at least two different curated boxes to choose from (July had 4 different curated box choices). This is a review of Curated Box #3, Pop of Color.

NOTE: You can read all about the recent changes, including pricing structure and ACE prices.

DEAL:   For a limited time use the corresponding coupon code to grab a free gift with your Birchbox subscription!

Birchbox sends the cutest boxes and I have them all over my dresser, corralling beauty products. I think this citrus box is so sunny!

My items were wrapped in tissue paper.

Birchbox always has an info card and this month the front of the card had one of six different people discussing a former insecurity. The theme for July was “Love, You” and Birchbox wants us to love ourselves and embrace what makes us unique.

The information card gives brief details on each item as well as the price if you were to buy the full size. Keep in mind that Birchbox sends a variety of product combos each month and your box may vary from mine.

One more card was in the box.

You can purchase Limited Edition and Discovery Kits on the Birchbox website.

I filled out a profile when I joined so I could let Birchbox know which types of items I would like to receive, plus I selected my skin type, hair type, and other info so they could send products that work for me. Of course, when you choose a curated box then you get what was promised, with nothing chosen based on your profile. I knew that some of the products wouldn’t work for me but I really wanted to try a couple of these products so I went for it.

Everything in my Curated Box #3 Pop of Color!

Davines Minu Shampoo ($8.70) I knew going into this box that the hair care products would go to my daughter. I do not color my hair and need a more aggressive shampoo to take care of oily roots! This one is supposed to gently cleanse hair without over drying.

Davines Minu Conditioner ($0.80) and Davines Minu Hair Serum ($1.04) are two other items that my daughter was excited to have. The conditioner has caper berry extract, which is supposed to protect hair, and should leave hair silky smooth. The hair serum came in a foil packet but the full-sized product is a spray so I guess you could pour some into your hands before applying to hair. I don’t know why they couldn’t just put it in a spray bottle though. It can be used to add shine while protecting hair and for those with fine hair it should be used after shampooing and instead of conditioner.

Dr. Jart + Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment ($4.89) is the main reason I went with this box! I have rosacea so red is my default face color and I wanted to see if this would help calm it down some.

Zinc oxide and titanium oxide provide the SPF while cica is the hot ingredient right now and claims to help heal skin. It has an herbal scent and goes on green but adjusts to a CC type of color and is meant for fair to medium skin tones. I thought it did a fair job of masking redness and I felt like I needed foundation over top to even out my skin tone.

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow+ Brow-Volumizing Fiber Gel in #3 Medium ($7.20) I generally don’t give my brows a second thought when doing my face but if your brows are suffering from over-plucking in the past then this might help them look fuller.

It has a teeny tiny brush head and this color is described as light brown and neutral. I couldn’t really tell if it was there or not but maybe that’s because it matched my brow color well.

Grande Cosmetics Grande Mascara in Rich Black ($5) According to the Birchbox website this product is clump-free but unfortunately all I encountered was sticky clumps.

It is supposed to provide volume and length while conditioning the lashes. I wonder if I received an old sample?

Glazen Eye Gloss in Frosted (No size given, $6.00?) I have no idea how much eye shadow is in here so I guessed it was maybe 1/4 of the full sized item and went with that.

Birchbox described the consistency as pudding and I think that is exactly what it feels like. I applied it to my lid with my finger and just a dab is enough to provide plenty of shimmer.

In fact, it’s ultra shimmery! The color is rose gold metallic and I just used it on my lids. Pretty! The bottom swatch is full on while the top swatch is where I kind of wiped the rest.

Overall I thought this was a decent Birchbox curated box. I was most excited about the Cicapair cream and the eye shadow and had high hopes for the mascara, but I knew the hair care and brow products would not really float my boat. Still, I was happy that I received products that I really wanted to try and they worked well, too. I know Birchbox made some changes recently but these look like (and are the same size as) the same kinds of products I’ve always received. The value for my box was around $33.63 this month.

What did you think of the July 2019 Birchbox? What did you get in your box?

Visit Birchbox to subscribe or to find out more!


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  • Kelley Mitkowski

    I have been getting a birchbox for about 2-21/2 yrs. I still can’t wait each month for the 15th when it comes in the mail. I have changed over many of my beauty products from samples in my box. I love the CAVIAR 10 IN 1 Products. I found some of the hair care at ULTRA. However, it’s cheaper threw birchbox. I also like SUPERGOOP . I use it as a cover up. It works really good. I really like the REPLICATE &RENEW. It’s an eye cream. I use an awesome face cleanser &polisher. It comes with a little towel that you use with it. It is called LIZ EARLE. I don’t care for the mascara. It always seams to be dry. It may be due to the fact that I live in Az. It’s hot and they may dry out in my mail box. I have never liked the colone. I stick to what I like. I did get a chapstick that looks clear. When you put the chapstick on it changes to the color that you should be wearing. It’s really cool. Nice and light for summer. Well I hope I helped you with some product questions. Take care, Kelley

    • Deb

      Hi Kelley, I am glad to hear you are enjoying your boxes! I also discovered Supergoop through Birchbox and it is one of my favorite brands!