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Elephant Books is a monthly book club for kids that delivers brand new, hardcover children’s books to your door monthly. The entire experience – from books wrapped with traditional Kraft paper and grosgrain ribbon to engaging reading tools for children and parents – is designed to create special reading moments for families and life-long memories.

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There’s a note that explains what we are getting from this package. It also explains why it is important for the kids to read as early as possible.

There are library book cards that we can stick to each book if ever we are going to lend them to some friends!

The books are sealed in a brown Kraft paper with an orange grosgrain ribbon. It also looks like a perfect gift, and we’re ready to unwrap it!

Everything in my box!

The books that we got for this month are Bad Monkey Business by Michael Hale, and I’ll Love You For Always by Peter Hinckley.

I’ll Love You For Always by Peter Hinckley ($13.02)

Oh dearest one, it’s hard to tell you
Everything you’ll need.
Here, at least, you have my love to
Read, and read, and read.

Where’er you go, whate’er you do,
Have peace. Be calm. Be still.
My love will keep surrounding you.
It does. It always will.

Nothing can stop your love from reaching your child, and in I’ll Love You for Always, that love is always on hand in the form of 6 beautiful notes that you can write straight into the book! As a young child travels through life’s peaks and valleys, sunshine and shadow, colorful love birds appear carrying 6 different notes of love and reassurance. Some notes fold out from the pages, some are tucked in envelopes, and all of them include simple prompts that invite parents to write heartfelt expressions that will be treasured for years to come. The perfect I-love-you book for bedtime, birthdays, celebrations, and even grown-up graduations, I’ll Love You for Always is a timeless gift your children will cherish long past childhood.

It’s a heartwarming book that can be a perfect gift from a parent to a child of any age. It is an easy way to express how you love someone.

The pages are all colorful, and my kids definitely felt the love and care from this sweet book.

I can even include my love letters for the kids in this book too. I love how this book shows much love and encourages us to share it wholeheartedly through notes and words.

Bad Monkey Business by Michael Hale ($15.95)

It s a rainy, rainy day and Mrs. J.C. McGoody has just finished cleaning her house. She is about to have a cup of tea when she hears a faint knock on her door. When she opens the door, she finds a wet little monkey sitting on her doorstep. And he means business… Bad Monkey Business. Will Mrs. McGoody be able to stop this Bad Monkey from ruining her clean house or is there something else going on that she does not understand? This illustrated story, told in rhyme, is a humorous tale about an unsuspecting woman and monkey on a mission. A reminder as to why it is important to get all of the facts before you rush to judgment.

The back has an intriguing illustration of what we believe is Mrs. McGoody and a leashed lion.

The inside flap of the book jacket tells us more about the story. There’s a monkey pulling a rope that we believe is the one that’s tied on the lion!

The story came in nice rhymes that the kids find enjoyable to recite out loud!

The illustrations are phenomenal! The illustrations may not be vibrantly colored, but them being vintage-like is actually more appealing. The illustrator definitely did a great job of telling the story more effectively through the pictures.

The books this month are both fantastic! We really love the first book, as it encourages the kids to just spread love and positivity. The monkey’s story gave us a fun ride as well. The two had different illustration styles but each had a unique and special appeal. Overall, my kids love everything in this box, and we’re looking forward to more beautiful titles this box brings at our door!

What do you think of this month’s box?

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