DegustaBox UK May 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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DegustaBox UK is a monthly subscription box that brings your favorite food and snacks to your doorstep. The subscription costs £12.99 per month and you’ll get a box filled with 10-15 products and goodies! This box is always full of so many new things to try.

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Redesigned for 2019, the outside of the box has a bold lime green graphic while the inside has cute little images of snack items.

Plastic wrap and brown butcher paper keep all the contents safe.

May’s Degustabox has a Brunch & Afternoon Tea theme.

I actually received two full boxes this month with three different information sheets between them.

The info sheets have been expanded this month to include three recipes featuring products  inside the box.

Here is everything in one of the May boxes…

And everything in the other one!

The boxes had many items in common, but there were a few different products too.  I will review the items which came in both boxes first, then look at the items which differed between boxes.

Each box comes with two 32.5g bags of MILKBAR MIX UPS (£0.65), milk chocolate buttons filled with a milky filing and white chocolate buttons filled with a cocoa filling.

These are a super sweet little treat and once you have one it’s hard to not finish the bag!

Daelmans Duo Stroopwafels (£1.29) are the original brand of stoopwafels – two thin and pliable waffels with a caramel filling sandwiched in between.

Each pack contains two delicious, perfectly sweet and sticky stroopwafels. I absolutely love these! They are perfect with a cup of tea any time of day.

Splenda Sweet Minis (£1.50) are little tablets derived from sucralose, each containing the same sweetness as a teaspoon of sugar but without the calories. The portable little pack contains 100 tablets.

The Product of the Month is Oteas Black Tea & Apricot (£3.75), a classic black tea with apricot pieces.

Each box contains 12 biodegradable teabags. This is a nice fruit tea which can be served hot or cold. I much preferred it served over ice.

Koko Dairy Free SUPER milk (£1.99) is UHT coconut milk drink enriched with 9 vitamins and minerals. This is creamier and richer than any other coconut milk I’ve tried, although I prefer the taste of fresh coconut milk drinks rather than the UHT version. This is still a nice alternative to regular milk if you like the taste of coconut, and it is packed with key nutrients too. I think it is particularly great in iced coffee.

SHORE Seaweed puffs (£1.19) are a light, crisp snack made with Scottish seaweed. I received the Thai Chilli and Sea Salt and Balsamic flavours.

These have a nice texture and crunch with a definite taste of the sea. High in iodine and a source of fibre, these are also a fairly healthy little snack too.

Bravura Foods Free From Fellows are vegan sweets made without sugar, gluten, gelatine and dairy. The raspberry flavoured midget gems are decent but I thought the blackberry flavour tasted sort of medicinal. Both have a discernable flavour and aftertaste of the maltitol sweetener.

All in all, these are a good sweet for those who can’t have sugar and just can’t live without gummies. If you don’t have dietary restrictions I would recommend looking elsewhere for your gummies fix.

Fruity Beauties Organic & Fairtrade Snack Bars (£1.50) are little bars made with five kinds of dried fruits and apple juice, which is exactly what it tastes like!

These are good bars, although I would rather just eat strips of dried fruit as the flavour is essentially the same.

Each box contains two little 99kcal packs of Indie Bay Snacks Spelt Pretzel Bites with Rock Salt (£1). These are tasty little pretzel snacks, super crisp and healthy tasting with a definite flavour of spelt.

Now onto the items received in only one of the two boxes:

I was lucky to receive both Kuhne Gin Cornichons or Kuhne Whiskey Cornichons (£2.59) in one of my boxes. These are fantastic gherkins – tiny, crisp, with just enough pickling and a refreshing hint of alcohol. I preferred the slight sweetness of the whiskey flavour to that of the gin flavour, but both were totally amazing. I highly recommend giving these a try!

Firefly Drinks Lemon, Lime & Ginger (£1.55) is a botanical drink with still water and fruit juice. With flavours of nettle, dandelion and rosemary and containing only naturally occuring sugars, this has a unique and refreshingly clean flavour. It sort of reminds me of fresh iced tea and is excellent served with a squeeze of lemon. The bottle also suggests serving with bourbon, which I imagine would be delicious!

Real Good Smokey BBQ Ketchup (£2.49) is a table sauce with 80% less sugar than regular sauces. With xylitol derived from sustainable birch and stevia as sweeteners, it’s a good alternative dip for those looking to reduce their sugar intake without relying on artificial sweeteners.

Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo (£2.15) is the vegan alternative to Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise. This is really nice and I think I actually prefer it to normal mayo as it is a bit lighter and fresher tasting.

La Gioiosa Prosecco Brut DOC Treviso (£3.49) comes from one of Italy’s leading Prosecco producers. What’s there to say? This is a lovely little bottle of prosecco!

I really enjoyed trying the range of products in this month’s Degustabox. For me the clear winners were the Kuhne Cornichons, Daelmans Duo Stroopwafelsand the Firefly Drinks Lemon, Lime & Ginger. Each of these products were totally delicious.

Have you tried DegustaBox UK?

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