Zamplebox E-Juice April 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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ZampleBox is a monthly e-juice/vaping subscription box. Every month you’ll receive 3 ($23.99), 6 ($33.99), or 11 ($53.99) premium, American-made e-liquid bottles. Zamplebox has a ton of juice preference features that allow them to deliver a box that is customized to your taste preferences.

This is a review of the 11 bottles $53.99 per month box.

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It’s well packaged to ensure that there will be no leaks or damages during shipping.

All ZampleBox Memberships now include ZB Wholesale ($9.99/month value) for FREE! You’ll get access to special member-only vape deals as well as the wholesale shop.

Here’s the rating card!

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Each month, an exclusive sticker is included inside the box.

Also included in the box is an information sheet that lists all the e-juices in your box for the month.

Brand labeling on e-juice is notoriously cryptic, so it’s sometimes a bit of a challenge to match up the listings with the bottles.

Everything in the box!

9 To 5 By Ground Zero ($15) Flavors: dessert, honey, custard

Honey and custard definitely make a classic dessert. Same goes for this e-juice dominated by sweet honey flavor in every inhale with a kick of custard on exhale. It has low throat hit but with high vapor production.

Carnival By Sweet Station By Cali Steam ($12) Flavors: hard fruity candy, apple, green apple, dessert.

This e-juice has a rich, layered flavor of apples. It’s definitely an ideal juice for anyone who craves for something sweet and fruity.

Crem By The Cloud Junkies ($15) Fruity: dessert, cream, custard

It’s another creamy e-juice, reminiscent of a custard dessert. Both the inhale and exhale hits you with sweet notes.

Lucille By Vape Craft Inc Bombshell Premium ($15) Flavors: fruit, coconut, pineapple.

For those craving for tropical flavors, this e-juice is for you! It’s smooth and creamy, dominated by pineapple and coconut.

Pound It Remix By Food Fighter Juice Remix ($15) Flavors: dessert, cream, cake, berry, strawberry.

It’s an excellent dessert vape boasting of a sweet cake-like taste blended with fresh strawberry notes. It also has just the right amount of creaminess.

Vanilla Custard By Superb Classic Collection ($15) Flavors: dessert, cream, vanilla, custard

Here’s another light and creamy e-juice for those who love sweet desserts. It’s the ideal juice for beginner vapers since it’s so smooth and there’s almost no throat hit at all!

Big Hit By Levels ($15) Flavors: fruit, lime, lemon, soda, apple

This e-juice is reminiscent of a fruity soda with a sweet mix of apple, lime, and lemon. It produces a lot of smoke with a bit of hit to the throat!

Coco Pop By Rnr White ($15) Flavors: dessert, cocoa, marshmallow

Notes of cocoa and marshmallow make this e-juice unique. It has a thick vapor production and low throat hit.

Diamond Gummy By Superb Royal Collection ($15) Flavors: fruit, candy, gummy, tart, tangy

It’s an e-juice blend for gummy candy lovers! With tart and tangy notes, it’s definitely pleasing and enjoyable in every inhale and exhale.

Original By Gorilla Custard ($15) Flavors: dessert, cream, custard

This e-juice is pretty good if you’re looking for light flavors. It has creamy and custard notes that doesn’t overwhelm.

Sungrazer By Space Jam ($10) Flavors: dessert, cake, lemon, citrus

It’s an excellent choice for those who are looking for a zesty e-juice. It hits the right spot with its lemon and citrus notes, as well a light cake-like sweetness. It has a very high vapor production as well.

This month’s ZampleBox is an impressive curation of sweet and fruity e-juices! As always, they included highly recognized and award-winning vape brands from all over the world. Another awesome thing about it is that you can customize the type of juices you’ll be getting, so it will be unlikely for you to receive a flavor that you don’t like. All in all, this is a great subscription for newbie vapers and veterans alike!

Are you getting this month’s Zamplebox?

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