Scentbird May 2019 Fragrance Subscription Review & Coupon

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Scentbird is a monthly perfume and fragrance decanting subscription, although you can now subscribe and receive makeup, skincare, body care, and even candles! With Scentbird, you get a thirty-day supply of perfume every month – Scentbird takes authentic perfumes and decants them into travel sprayers. There are over 450 fragrances to choose from and Scentbird adds new ones every month! You can save when you purchase a multi-month subscription, or even arrange to receive perfume every other month. 

Scentbird is about the fun and magic of fragrance. We designed Scentbird for the pickiest girl- or boy- to let you date luxury perfumes before marrying them.

Everything in my box! You can go with the scent of the month, which for June will be fresh Hesperides Grapefruit, or fill up your queue with scents that sound interesting to you. Personally, I am going with the scent of the month, I have tried it at Sephora and can’t wait for June!

My scent vial was kept safe in a cardboard container. I usually receive a card with my scent and its ingredients and notes, but that was missing this month.

Scentbird vials hold 0.27 ounces of decanted original fragrance.

Regime Des Fleurs Vines ($125 for 100ml) I went with a new-to-me brand and sometimes that’s a gamble, especially since there were no reviews of this on the Scentbird site! Scent notes include herbs, citruses, and figs and I think I was drawn by the promise of herbs, which this has. It is considered an aromatic fruity scent and the first thing I notice is a blast of green and citrus. It has the sweetness of overripe fruit, and that touch of something just about to go sour but luckily that note wears off quickly. Longevity is less than average, as is projection. Luckily I can carry it to go and touch it up if needed.

Your first order comes with a carrying case, and you can order other case colors on the Scentbird site.

Pop the scent in the case…

…then twist to expose the spray nozzle!

Usually you can see the way Scentbirdies have rated a scent but apparently no one has done that yet! You can find similar scents as recommended by Scentbird.

I never know if I’m going to like a blind buy or not but this one was good, although not really original. I tend to stick with scent notes like citrus so sometimes I receive perfumes that smell like something I already own. That’s not necessarily a bad thing and sometimes I find a new favorite through sampling services! My value was a little low, about $10, but the payoff comes in being able to own multiple scents instead of a big bottle of something that is just ok. Plus, I’ve never found this brand at Sephora so there was no other way to sample it without buying a big bottle!

NOTE: I know Scentbird had some issues last year but they appear to be resolved and my shipments have been on-time this year.

What’s in your Scentbird queue? Let me know what scent you’re wearing now in the comments!

Visit Scentbird to subscribe or find out more.


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