Renaissance Bath & Body Subscription Box Review – April 2019

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Renaissance Bath & Body Subscription Box is an artisan soaps and beauty products subscription box inspired by renaissance women from our history books. Each month, subscribers will receive 2 bars of soap, plus 3 other items such as body scrub, body butter, bath bomb, bubble bar, skin care product, and a sample item, all to make pampering yourself easy!

There’s no monthly theme, and everything came in a lovely box. Everything smells lovely right away.

All the soaps and bath bomb are individually wrapped, and everything is well packaged.

The information card only gives us the name of each item. You can go on their website to get more information such as a list of ingredients and the inspiration behind them.

Everything in the box! We received two bars of soap, a bath bomb, a body scrub, a lotion (?) and a sample soap.

Royal Enchantress Soap Inspired by Anne Boleyn. This soap is scented with spearmint, peppermint, and lavender, and is covered with lavender buds, powdered rosemary and also has peppermint leaves in olive oil, palm oil, and coconut oil base. It also contains Tussah Silk. It smells fresh and floral, and the soap feels like it’s going to melt under my fingers!

River Goddess Soap inspired by Jacquetta of Luxembourg. This soap has lemongrass and clary sage oils, with pieces of lemongrass in the olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil and castor oil base with Tussah Silk. Once again, such a velvety and smooth touch, my skin feels amazing!

Royal Invigoration – Body Scrub inspired by Strong and invigorating royal spirit. I couldn’t find this specific item on their website, but I could find the soap with the same name and ingredients. It’s a blend of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil, in a sugar and avocado oil.

It smells really fresh and is easy to apply on the skin. It’s perfect for a morning pick-me-up!

Lotion (?) – Maid of Orleans. This is probably inspired by Joan of Arc as I couldn’t find this item on their website, but they have a Goat’s Milk, honey and oatmeal scrub with the same name. It’s really thick, but not greasy on the skin. I really like it.

Regal Fizz Bath Bomb. This is another item I couldn’t find on their website, but I’ll never say no to a bath bomb! The scent is not overwhelming and my husband used it before I could figure out the scent! He really enjoyed it.

Sample Soap. It has a cameo-like engraving in the black layer which reminds me of the popular French jewelry. I don’t know anything about this sample except that it feels as smooth and silky as the other soap we received in this box, and it smells great.

The Renaissance Bath & Body subscription box was such a lovely box, perfect to create a pampering experience with something for the bath, and something for the body. I like the idea of being inspired by strong historical woman, but I wish we would have gotten a bit more information about them within the box instead of trying to find the information on their website, especially since some of the items were not available in their store. Even without this information, the box was still really nice and the scents were amazing!

What do you think of this box?


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