Mine Chest April 2019 Subscription Box Review

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Mine Chest is the one and only official subscription box for Minecraft fans! It is licensed by Mojang. This box is a $23 bimonthly box + $7 US shipping. Every chest is filled with exclusive Minecraft goodies, including a full-color T-shirt, collectibles, toys, and more. The exterior of the box usually looks like a Minecraft chest, while the inside looks like a block relating to the current month’s theme.

The box is taped on both sides to ensure that the package won’t open during transit.

Every box comes with a t-shirt (with a full range of youth and adult sizes available) and is packed in a collectible and reusable box. All the stuff inside is nicely packaged!

When inverted, the box transforms into a Dark Oak Plank! Dark Oak Planks are usually a part of Woodland Mansions and are crafted from Dark Oak wood. Like most wood, it can also be used as a fuel for furnaces.

They included an info postcard, and it features the Evoker!

Written at the back of the card is some information about the box’s contents!

Everything inside our April 2019 Mine Chest box! The theme is  WOODLAND MANSIONS!

Pin. This month’s Minecraft exclusive pin features a Vex!

Vex is a small, flying hostile mob that can be summoned by an Evoker. Aside from its wings, the Vex also has a small iron sword that it uses to attack villagers, Iron Golems, or even players.

Patch. The achievement patch that included for this month is Feeling Ill! In the game, you can get this achievement by defeating an Evoker.

Laptop Sticker. The laptop sticker for this month features the Totem of Undying, which is a rare item in the game to save the player from death.

T-shirt. One of the “Illagers” or ill-willing villagers, Vindicators are hostile humanoid mobs that can be found in the Overworld inside the Woodland Mansions. Now, it’s their turn to grace this box’s exclusive shirt!

The Vindicators look similar to villagers, but instead of having tan skin, they have gray. It’s cool how they made the design of the shirt with just a peeking Vindicator on it, and it looks like it poked a hole through the purple shirt!

Puzzle. I also got a 100 piece puzzle from this box that features A Tidy Haul!

The box that contains the puzzle pieces looks really cool!

It’s quite confusing, but we’re really up for this challenge!

After some time, we finally completed the puzzle.

Overall, the colorful puzzle measures 18″ x 18″, and it looks like an abstract painting!

Woodland Mansions are like haunted mansions full of mysteries, and this one in the game houses even Vindicators, Evokers, and loot chests! This month’s box is exactly like a Woodland Mansion, with lots of great finds inside. My favorites are definitely the rad peeking Vindicator shirt, and the awesome-looking Tidy Haul puzzle. The puzzle took time to complete, but the completed picture is cool and can even be framed and displayed, making all the efforts worth it! We definitely enjoyed this month’s theme and inclusions, we’re excited about what’s in store for us next month from this box that is surely a hit, not just for Minecraft fans!

What do you think of this month’s Mine Chest?


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