Loot Crate Star Wars Endor Rebel Limited Edition Crate Review + Coupon!

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The Star Wars Endor Rebel Limited Edition Crate is a limited edition, one-time-only collection of Star Wars apparel and accessories inspired by the Battle of Endor. It is available for $59.99 + S&H U.S., or $74.99 USD internationally.

In the Battle of Endor, the Rebel forces teamed up with the Ewoks to defeat the Empire and save the galaxy. Celebrate this victory with the Star Wars Endor Rebel Crate, a one-time-only mystery crate that outfits you with premium apparel and accessories inspired by the climactic battle in Return of the Jedi.

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This box promises:

  • BE A REBEL Wear officially licensed items inspired by the climactic battle from Return of the Jedi
  • SAVE THE GALAXY Channel your inner Rebel with 5 premium apparel items from Heroes & Villains
  • THE FORCE IS WITH YOU Bring the Star Wars galaxy to life with authentic apparel & accessories
  • $125+ VALUE Unique Star Wars apparel & accessories you can’t find anywhere else!

The items inside the box are all protectively packaged!

We’re really excited to unveil each content from this Limited Edition box!

The box can be turned into an AT-ST Walker!

While not as imposing as its larger AT-AT walker cousin, the AT-ST nonetheless served as a significant addition to the Imperial side of battlefields in the Galactic Civil War. The two-man craft is lightly armed with chin-mounted laser cannons, and side-mounted weapon pods. The two-legged transport, dubbed the scout walker by many, serves as a reconnaisance and patrol vehicle, often flanking approaching AT-ATs and mopping up infantry that sneaks past the larger walkers. The Imperials used AT-STs in both the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of Endor.

The All Terrain Scout Transport looked like a pair of chicken legs, thus the name chicken walker. In the movie, it is a lightweight, bipedal walker used by the ground forces of the Galactic Empire.

The box also contains a very important file regarding the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and it’s a notice of deployment.

The other side of the page lists all the contents of the box and some information about the items.

Everything in my box!

Elite Special Forces Lapel Pin. It’s a pin showing that you’re a member of the Alliance, sworn to protect at all times!

The Alliance Special Forces Corps, better known as SpecForce, was the branch of the Alliance Military that was attached to the Alliance High Command. The soldiers of this force are specifically selected for high skill, morale, bravery, and dedication to the Rebel cause.

Pocket Document Protection Wallet. This commando wallet will take care of and protect all your documents, identification cards, and even currency bills! It’s durable and weather-resistant.

The back features a zipped compartment, and there’s something written in Aurebesh that says:

Restore the Republic.

Inside the wallet are several compartments that can fit standard-sized cards, and a bigger compartment on top for bills or other documents. There’s also a keyring included inside that can hold a chain which you can connect to your belt loop.

The three-fold wallet has an automatic button enclosure.

Just below the button, there’s the symbol for the Rebel Alliance.

Headwear Adjustable Hat. Another item that features the Rebel Alliance symbol is this hat!

The hat has the franchise branding at one side. Also, the color of the hat matches the foliage color found in Endor, so it’s meant to conceal and protect you.

Elements Protection Garment Poncho. Whether you go camping or you’re just having a walk in the woods, this poncho can protect you from the different elements of nature!

It’s lightweight and easy to pack, so you can bring it anytime, anywhere. Just stash it inside your backpack or travel bag!

Aside from a zipper, it also contains some velcro to keep it closed and protect you entirely.

Again, it features the Alliance’s symbol!

Like the wallet, it also included an Aurebesh print of the words “Restore the Republic.”

I like ponchos as they’re really easy to bring and so useful.

The back also has the Rebel Alliance and Special Force branding on it. It’s really huge and a genuinely useful poncho!

Climate Preparedness Hoodie. It’s a black hoodie, another travel must-have!

The hoodie has front pockets where you can put hands to keep them warm. You can also slip small items inside.

The upper chest part has the Rebel Alliance symbol.

Like the poncho, the back of the hoodie features the symbol of the Rebel Alliance and the Endor. The whole print at the back looks great and I love it!

This box is specially made for the Special Forces of the Alliance, and of course for every Star Wars fan! I love everything in this box, from the Endor pin which is really a cool badge, the nicely done wallet that I can use to store some cards and bills into, the hat that can protect my head when I go out, plus the poncho and the hoodie that I can use or bring with me during travels! It’s really nice to get an exclusive box that features a specific franchise, and Loot Crate definitely does a great job with that! They definitely nailed this fantastic curation that was super useful and junk-free!

Are you going to get a Limited Edition Star Wars Endor Rebel Crate?


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