Lollipopa by Savannah Frye Spring 2019 Birthday Box Review

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Lollipopa is a quarterly subscription box service for little girls that send out mystery items picked by another little girl! The box costs $42.95 per quarter, and you can save more when you go for the annual plan. Each quarter, the box includes 13+ items like hair bows, slime, squishes, lip gloss, pens, pads, other stationery items, bracelets, and more. They are also committed to providing the little girls with a fun-filled unboxing experience that helps develop their playful selves, individuality, confidence, imagination, creativity, and even the sense of sisterhood. It’s a good subscription that encourages the little girls to develop themselves with the help of right influences and parent support.

The Birthday Box comes in four signature colors: Cherry (red), Strawberry (hot pink), Cotton Candy (light pink), and Grape (purple). We got the Grape box!

Like the box’s color, the tissue paper that wraps everything inside is also a beautiful purple!

The box is full!

It even includes a birthday activity for the celebrant! We love this positive activities in the box!

Everything in my box!

Lollipop. Swirl lollipops are fun! This one has a white base and purple swirls. It’s also really sweet.

Icecream Squishy Keychain. This squishy keychain can be attached to a bag or purse. The ice cream scoops on the keychain even come with sprinkles that make it more colorful and realistic!

Notepad. Here’s another “sweet” and colorful item, an adorable cupcake notepad!

The cover also has colorful gems on it!

Bow Hair Clip. This reminds me of the bow that Sailormoon wears on her Sailor Scout costume. It even has a beautiful crown and ribbon in the middle!

It as an attached alligator clip at the back that holds and secures the hair in place.

Hair Tie. For an added cute effect, this hair tie comes with a braided bunch of purple hair attached to it.

The braid also has a transparent ribbon that looks like it’s the one holding your hair, not just an added accessory.

There are connected sequins on the braid that makes the whole piece shine!

Wand Pen. Every princess deserves her own wand! This one is in shiny silver color and it’s not just an ordinary wand but a pen wand!

The pen is secured with a cap, and the body is studded with decorative crystals. So beautiful!

This princess wand is shiny like it’s made of real crystals, a perfect fit for royalty! ?

Mirror. The mirror looks like it’s made of the same material as the wand pen!

I love the elegant details etched on the whole piece. It’s lovely!

Pouch. The heart-shaped sequin pouch is really beautiful. Also, the silver sequins can turn to purple with just a swipe of the hand.

The other side is made of a soft material, and it’s in pink. The zipper also has an attached ball chain, so if you want to add keychain or charms on it, it’ll be really easy!

Beaded Bracelet. There’s also a bracelet and it’s so cute and colorful!

The polybag included some instructions on how to turn the bracelet into a toy!

My daughter certainly loves this mix of beads… Each shape has a purpose!

With a few twists, the bracelet indeed turns into a pet!

Tiara. It’s a beautiful tiara that can be worn as a headband.

My daughter likes the shiny and precious details on it, especially the crystal-like heart in the middle!

Slinky. We also got this spring toy, which is called a slinky!

This toy looks simple but it’s actually fun, as there are lots of tricks you can do with it!

Purple Slime. Another purple toy from this set is a macaron-shaped container that contains slime!

The slime is also a beautiful purple with specks of glitters! It looks like a shiny purple fruit jam. Good thing it comes with a container so keeping it is not a hassle.

Beauty Set. It’s a kid-friendly beauty set that my daughter can use when she wants to glam up, either for play or for any occasion!

The make-up set is for ages 3 and up.

The set includes 2 compact lip gloss containers. One is candy-shaped, and the other one is popsicle-shaped.

They also come with a mini lip brush. We love the candy colors too!

Coloring Book & Crayons. My daughter loves doodling and coloring so this coloring book and crayons set is perfect for her. It even features My Little Pony!

The set contains a coloring book and 4 pieces of crayons.

Each crayon has a Little Pony design too.

There’s Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie!

We love the message on the cover. It says “chase your dreams”!

My daughter can’t wait to try the different color combinations on the pictures inspired by the animated movie!

There are lots of awesome My Little Pony illustrations to color!

We love this box – it’s jam-packed with lots of fun trinkets! My daughter loved the princess themed goodies, like the tiara, bow hair ribbon, and wand. The rest of the items are cute and useful and many of them even come in matching colors. It’s packaged really well, so it’s perfectly giftable for any little girl that loves sweet and cute goodies whether there’s a special occasion or not!

What do you think of this month’s box?

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