Gramma in a Box May 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Gramma in a Box is a monthly subscription for kids (from a real Grandma!) that sends homemade cookies with frosting and sprinkles along with two easy candy crafts to make at least 15-20 edible treats.

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The items arrived in a red box with a Gramma in a Box sticker.

The kit shows up bundled neatly together under some cute tissue.

It is secured using another Gramma In A Box sticker.

All the items come in separate plastic containers.

Also included in the box is a little welcoming note. This month’s box is all about Butterflies and Blossoms Cookies and Candy.

Flip the card and you’ll find a list of all the items in the box, as well as items you will need from your home.

This is the box upon opening! You just have to remember — no snacking on the craft supplies!

Every month, 3 projects are included in the box. This month, we are going to do Pretzel Butterflies, Butterfly Bark, and Spring Cookie Decorating. Each of the card has step by step instructions with a few images.

At the back of each card, you can see the ingredients for each of the recipes, and they also include the potential allergens.

Here is everything that we’ll be needing to finish all the projects. We laid them all on the table so we can easily tell which goes to each project easily.

First Project: Pretzel Butterflies. For the first project, we’ll need the package of pretzels, red licorice strings, sprinkles, and purple melting chocolate.

After melting the purple chocolate, the kids dipped the sides of the pretzels in them then connected the pretzels to form the butterfly wings.

Afterward, they cut the licorice strings and put each piece in the middle of the butterfly. The last step is to use the sprinkles to decorate the pretzels.

Here are the finished products! The butterfly pretzels are cute and colorful!

Second Project: Butterfly Bark. For the second project, we’re making a butterfly bark! For this one, we’ll need some rice crispies, butterfly sprinkle mix, and some left-over melted chocolate from the previous project.

My daughter mixed the rice crispies with the melted chocolate thoroughly.

After ensuring that they’re well incorporated, she laid the mixture on a wax paper, and she did it as thinly as possible.

She then added the butterfly sprinkle mix. The sprinkles have various shapes and colors, making the bark look more colorful and fun!

All that’s left to do is dry it!

Here’s the colorful bark! The fun part will come later when the kids break the bark into bite-size pieces.

Third Project: Spring Cookie Decorating. Lastly, we’re decorating Spring cookies! For this project, we’ll need the cookies, sprinkles, and different colored frostings. We’ll also need a knife to spread the frostings on the cookies, or a toothpick for some cookie-icing techniques!

There are two shapes for our cookies, butterflies and flowers.

The kids added frosting on their own cookies and they definitely had fun!

They started with the edges before filling in the rest of the cookies.

My son even used the licorice string from project 1, to add an antenna to his butterfly cookie!

My daughter loves mixing colors, and that’s what she did for her cookie.

They also made use of the left-over decorations from the first two projects.

Here, my daughter is even making a new color pattern for her butterfly cookie!

There are lots of candy sprinkles from this box, and they want to use all of it!

They got so creative get in decorating their own cookies!

Here are the finished cookies! Everything looks awesome!

After this photo, my kids grabbed their share and enjoyed these colorful and tasty treats!

This month’s projects turned out beautiful and delicious! My kids used all the materials and made sure that nothing went to waste. They certainly love decorating their own cookies as they get to be creative. Everything is tasty, and I’m sure they all had so much fun. We love this box and all the projects they include, it makes a great bonding time for the whole family!

What do you think about Gramma In A Box?

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