Basic MAN Subscription Box May 2019 Review + Buy One Get One FREE Coupon

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Basic MAN is a men’s monthly subscription box that will send you three basics: socks, boxer-briefs, and a t-shirt. The box is $19.99 a month and shipping is free for US subscribers and they ship worldwide ($5 to Canada). All you have to do is to choose your size and you are set! Styles will vary from month to month, but nothing too crazy!

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For May, we received the basics in light blue and black!

Our first basic are the socks. We love the bright turquoise and white zig zag pattern with black accents!

The socks are made with a blend of cotton, polyester, and elastic. The pattern creates a lot of loose threads, but there’s no looping going on, so not too many risk of a toe nail getting caught in them. The elastic is snug to keep the sock in place, but not too tight.

Next is a pair of boxer briefs which came in black with a grey elastic band. The fabric is quite light and soft. My husband really likes the light feeling, while keeping everything in check.

As usual, it has an expiry date (April 2021)! Yes, this subscription box reminds you to throw away your old underwear! It says to wash in cold water, but we’ve been washing all the Basic Man socks and boxer briefs in hot water (I’m lazy) and they haven’t lost any of their color, their soft feel, or their elasticity. And the color doesn’t bleed in the laundry either.

The last basic item for this month is anlight turquoise t-shirt. It’s a simple crew-neck tee and it also came with an expiry date! The fabric is a blend of polyester and cotton. Basic Man’s t-shirts are pre-washed, so no worries about shrinkage and it makes them soft and light right out of the bag. After getting these shirts for a couple of months, we are also happy to say that Basic Man’s tee can go through a lot of wash cycle without losing their colors or shape. And the colors don’t bleed in the laundry, even in warm water (delicate cycle).

It’s good until April 2021. My husband is always happy with his Basic Man’s shirt as he can wear them in different occasion: under a dress shirt, to work in the backyard, to go to bed, to hang out with friends, or to workout. They look good, they feel good, and they are so versatile.

We also like that although they are branded, the logo is small and subtle.

My husband was, once again, really happy with his Basic Man. He really likes getting simple tees in muted color as they are versatile and fits any occasion without being obnoxious . As soon as he gets his new package, one, or more, pair of socks and underwear find their way to the bin. He also really likes that the Basic Man logo is small and discrete, and everything fits perfectly.

Basic Man is a great monthly subscription box for men who don’t have time to go shopping for new basic items, or who hates taking time to go to the store. It’s easy, the items are exactly what you need while being classy and comfortable, and the quality is very nice. My husband is still wearing on a regular basis his basics from December 2017 box (with an expiry date of March 2019), and they still look great! This subscription is a great value to renew your basic wardrobe without worrying about it. We like that this subscription is true to the basic, in colors and design, and any guy would enjoy it.

What do you think of this subscription box?

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