Barkbox April 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Large Dog

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Barkbox is a monthly subscription box just for dogs. Each box has 4-6 dog products and is customized to the size of your pup, plus it has a cute theme.

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This Barkbox is for large dogs, but you can get them for small and medium dogs too. Check out our Barkbox reviews for a peek at the other dog boxes! Plus, they now offer Barkbox SUPER CHEWER – the heavy chewer box!

All the toys and treats are wrapped in a custom Barkbox paper.

One part of the wrapping paper features a dog’s back, with a wiggling tail. There might be something exciting beyond that curtain!

On the other side of the packaging are a variety of dogs with different costumes. I can see some wizards, sparring partners, queen, princess, and many more!

The theme this month is Shakespeare in the Dog Park!

Barkbox includes a fun brochure that provides information about all the items in the box. It also contains some important tips so you can keep your pups safe when playing with the toys and giving them the treats.

The back of the card features a little activity for you. All you need to do is fill the blanks with words to write a sonnet for your pups. There are also photos of possible plush toys that might be included in your box.

Everything in this month’s box!

Ruff Collar. This month, they sent us a bonus item. It’s a white ruff collar that you can pull over your pup’s head!

It’s an adjustable collar made with garter and wrapped by a soft and smooth white fabric. Perfect as a prop for photo ops!

Bark Love’s Labour Lamb Dog Treats. It’s a pack of chewy dog snack made from lamb, honey, flaxseed, apples, passion flower, and natural smoke flavor.

Each treat is heart-shaped and bite-sized. It’s a great source of omega-3, fatty acids, fiber, and vitamin A that would help our pups have a stronger and healthier body!

This snack comes in a resealable bag, making sure that the treats stay fresh and clean all the time.

Jone’s Natural Chews Lamb Links. This snack stick is made from premium quality, human-grade ingredients like lamb meat, lamb lung, and collagen casing.

It’s ideal as a reward treat or as a training snack. It can be served whole or broken into smaller pieces, depending on the size of your pups.

Bark Antony’s Scroll. We got a scroll, but it’s not an ordinary scroll. It’s actually a toy and it’s perfect for a game of tug of war!

This scroll is stuffed with two disc squeakers, crinkles, and stretchy t-shirt ropes.

Our pups loved playing with it and it has survived their tough bites so far. Meanwhile, the text on it had me cracking up!




Lick me

Your Rears!

Hamlet, Prince of Denbark Dog Plush. Next toy is a plushie inspired by Prince Denmark from an original play written by Shakespeare!

This toy has a crinkly tail and disk squeakers in the head and the body.

Soft and cute, Prince Denbark is wearing a suit while holding a skull on his right hand.

Our pups never get tired of chasing this toy. Their favorite part is the tail with crinkles! It keeps them excited!

Bark Berry Wives Of Windsor Dog Treats. Wholesome peanut butter, cranberries, and blueberries in one snack? Sounds berry delicious!

This crunchy bite-sized snack is rich in fiber, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients that our pups need.

This treat doesn’t contain wheat, soy, or corn. The packaging is resealable as well.

The ruff collar was very easy to wear. Just put it over on your pup’s head and it’s done! Dean definitely looks like a prince from a kingdom far far away!

To bark or not to bark, that is the question! Well, our pups definitely loved this Shakespeare themed box because they barked a lot and also wagged their tails every time they see the treats and toys. The collar was such a fun bonus item! It’s comfortable and it definitely made Dean look like a part of the royal pet. Barkbox never fails us and we can’t wait for more fun and classic themes!

What do you think of Barkbox? If your dog is also a serious chewer, check out Barkbox Super Chewer!

Visit Barkbox to subscribe or find out more!


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