Animal Jam Box Spring 2019 Review

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Animal Jam Box is a subscription box for Animal Jam fans that brings an assortment of curated products like clothing, electronics, toys, accessories, stationery and more! It’s $25 per quarter + $6 shipping with over $60 worth of Animal Jam merchandise!

There are doodles outside of the box, which the kids can color!

On the side is the Animal Jam logo!

My kids love playing Animal Jam!

Behind the box flap is a blank space where the kids can create their own doodle masterpiece.

The box is full!

Included in the box is an Animal Jam information card.

The back of the card provides a list of all the goodies for this quarter!

Everything in the Spring 2019 box!

Peck’s Palette Charm. It’s a cute charm accessory patterned after Peck’s palette! Peck is a rabbit, and she is also known as the Alpha of the Bunnies.

This palette charm can be easily attached to a keychain, pouch, or bag!

In Game Item Code. We also received a card that contains a code for a free in-game item!

You get an Arctic Fox Throne…

And a Rare Crossbow!

A den item & a clothing item!

Lucky Origami Star Kit. This kit contains strips of paper in different colors which you can use to create your own origami star!

Featured at the back of the packaging is a detailed step-by-step procedure to make the star origami.

It’s super easy to make! My daughter really had a great time folding the strips and forming her own origami stars!

Rainbow Scratchpaper Sketch Book. It’s a 10-page sketchbook! But instead of the usual blank white paper, it features a black matte paper that you can scratch to reveal different colors.

This sketchbook comes with a wooden pen-shaped scratcher.

To use, simply scratch the black matte surface of the paper to reveal the rainbow colors. You can scratch it to make different shapes and doodles as well!

Pencil Case. The next item is an exclusive Animal Jam pencil case! It features a white base color with adorable doodle cartoons printed all over.

It’s a 2-pocket pencil case where you can put all your drawing materials. You can put your coloring pens on one part while the eraser, sharpener, and others go on the other side. So cool!

Artist’s Apron. Knowing how to paint is good, but having cool gear to protect your clothes while doing an artistic project is really cool!

This artist’s apron from Animal Jam is made from high-quality fabric. It features the same doodles as the pencil case!

Aside from its beautiful design, the apron also features well-stitched edges. The edges are in apple green color. The bottom part is also in apple green color with yellow prints. You can fill it all in with your own colors!

Doodlefox Vinyl With Markers. We got a vinyl figure, and it’s not an ordinary one. It’s plain and your kids need to color it!

This fox figurine is built by Culture Fly and made in China. They are encouraging subscribers to share their finished project on social media using #AJDOODLEFOX.

Of course, they also provided four colored markers in the box: orange, green, blue, and pink.

My daughter colored the ears pink while the eyes are blue.

She definitely enjoyed coloring the figurine!

Here’s the finished product! So cute! In the game, the Fox is a members-only land animal and it can perform different actions such as sit, dance, sleep, hop, and play.

Animal Jam Box is always jampacked with cute and high-quality stuff for Animal Jam fans! It’s definitely an ideal box for anyone who can’t get enough of the game, regardless of age. My kids loved all the items in this month’s box – and you could color almost all of them! My daughter’s favorite, of course, is the super cute vinyl fox figurine that she colored. We are already looking forward to seeing what items we’ll be getting in the next box!

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