We Craft Box March 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupons!

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We Craft Box is a craft subscription for kids. Each box comes with a themed story to inspire your children, and 2 to 3 prepared kids crafts with multiple blanks so parents or siblings can craft along. All materials are included (with the exception of scissors).

Crafters can sign up for a month-to-month, three-month, six-month or annual subscription that automatically renews. All plans can also be sent as a gift that does not renew. A month-to-month subscription starts at $29.99 per month and includes free shipping.

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The box is filled with all sorts of crafty items and we’re excited to use them all!

At the back, there’s a lovely poem that describes this month’s featured activities. This is certainly a super fun and engaging way to start the craft.

Every box includes an information card with a message from the curator of the box.

Also included is an instruction guide, supported by images of the steps.

We have five activities in store for us.

All the materials needed are included in the box.

There’s a green tissue paper at the bottom of the box. Let’s see how can we use it later for the projects!

#1: Butterflies & Dragonflies in Flight

For the first part, we used these ultra-clean washable markers from Crayola.

There are 8 colors, and each is labeled as well.

For this activity, we’ll also need the bugs that we’ll color. This is quite messy so it’s better to use a mess mat.

The kids started using the marker to add colors to the bugs.

They also made sure that both sides are covered with beautiful hues!

Here are the bugs and their dirty hands! It’s better to be messy as they can really get creative with the project!

Next up is getting and dampening the sponge. The kids used it to turn the washable color marks to watercolor as the added water activates the colors. It’s easier to color the other parts too!

#2 Color-Me-In Masks

For the next activity, we used the washable markers, masks, and some headband elastics.

It’s like coloring a large insect out of a coloring book page.

Here, my son is really getting creative and adding as many colors as he likes! Imagine, the washable markers only has 8 colors, but he managed to make his butterfly look like there are more than 8 colors in the box!

We also added the headband elastic on each colored bug.

The bugs turned awesome, and the kids love wearing these colorful masks! It was a lot of fun!

#3 Color Bleed Butterflies

For this activity, we used filter cut-outs of different butterfly shapes. Also, we made use of the washable markers and the sponge from the first activity that should be cleaned up first.

After adding some color marking on the butterflies, the kids pressed the damp sponge on it and let the colors activate into watercolor that bleeds onto the paper.

Look at how beautifully the color dispersed all throughout the butterflies! The kids just needed to add some details on each butterfly to give them personality!

#4 Crafting Your Butterfly Garden

Now, it’s time to make our butterfly garden. For this activity, we used the pipe cleaners, filter paper, and the flower centers.

The kids had drawn random color patterns on each of the filter paper that will serve as the flower petals.

My daughter used the same technique as in the 3rd activity, where she let the colors bleed all throughout the paper by activating the marker writings with water!

My son used different colors for each petal, and even tried to mix them.

After drying the finished petals, the kids gathered them and formed the flowers with the use of the flower centers.

Next, we used the box itself and the green tissue paper to form the flower beds.

To make the hanger, we used the styrofoam ring, string, and some of the pipe cleaners.

The kids added colors to the ring first, again with the help of the washable markers.

It’s time to set it up! First, slide the bugs from the first activity on the styrofoam ring and make sure that the position of the bugs balances the whole thing. Then, add pipe cleaners and the string.

We placed the flower bed just below the ring, and placed the other bugs around it, making it look like a beautiful garden full of colorful and flying insects!

Crafty projects are a big YES for my kids so whenever We Craft Box arrives, they really can’t hide their excitement! They love the activities and how creative they can get with it, and even the mess. This month’s Butterfly Garden is a fun and colorful activity to do, and I can tell that they love the washable markers that the box provided. Their favorite part is making the Color Bleed Butterflies and arranging their flower garden. It’s fun to see how the filter paper disperses the color from the markers when it gets wet. We definitely love this box, and we’re always looking forward to the projects that make a perfect activity for the whole family!

What do you think of this month’s box?

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