Sleuth Kings Subscription Box Review + Coupons – Case 017 The Cupid Killer

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Sleuth Kings is an interactive monthly mystery box. Every month, a physical case file arrives full of evidence, puzzles, ciphers, and more. Plans start at $29.95 per month and they also have 3-month and 6-months prepay options. You will work hand-in-hand with Sullivan King, the lead detective, via email as you solve the case.

Each month’s case is a new, stand-alone mystery that takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete. Each case includes an epilogue -a  follow-up letter from the client as well as a small gift. For every 4 cases you solve, you’ll be rewarded with a FREE bonus case that revolves around the hunt for Sullivan’s father.


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This the review of Mystery Box Case 017 – The Cupid Killer.

The mystery comes in an envelope. The only things written on it are the Sleuth Kings P.O. box address and the case that you will be working on.

The envelope is quite big! It’s wax sealed with a cool pattern.

To begin with your adventure, you need to login to their website and send Sullivan an email.

The files are neatly arranged in a white folder, with Sleuth Kings branding in front.

Everything in my box!

The case objective is written in a card, and we will be working on finding the Cupid Killer and rescue Celest!

It also lists the contents of the case file: investigation instructions, investigation report, clues, and more.

We also got a snuck-out letter from Celest St. Claire, telling us that we can also use her help.

After looking at all the materials, I sent Sullivan a letter to finally start the case.

The investigation instruction sheet names the client, the case you will be working on, and the whole situation.

I suggest you read them thoroughly to fully understand the case and also to know where to start the whole investigation.

For this case, we just need to find out the name of the Cupid Killer and where he kept Celest.

There are also clue analysis, where each clue item’s use is being hinted or explained.

The first clue, we need to decipher the hidden message on this Awkward Card that features Cupid.

We emailed Sullivan and he decoded the first three words as “Word on door.”

The hearts also play an important role in deciphering the whole message. As Sullivan answers another email, he says that the deciphered message says “Words on door hanger – find poster colored words synonym” and we think that this has something to do with the next clue.

As for the second clue, here’s a Cupid’s Challenge Application. It also comes with instructions on how to fill this one up.

Are you ready to take on the Cupid challenge?

It has something to do with the synonyms on Clue #1, and Sullivan found out that the words that needed to fill out the application, and they go from top to bottom, which is the following:

  • Sweetheart
  • Compete
  • Cheerful
  • Mourn
  • Crushed

However, even though we got these words, we still need to unscramble the letters marked with the heart symbols. After some thinking, and help from Sullivan, we finally got the word and the link that the killer wants us to take a look at.

For the third clue, we got a chocolate box with a postcard inside. I think the other piece of paper is a table, and we don’t have any idea yet on what it’s all about.

It also comes with a chocolate guide, telling us the equivalent of the letters on the table.

The Cupid Killer made his presence felt on clue #4! It’s a personal letter from him!

This letter has a message on the table below. We asked help from Sullivan to find out what the message is, and he came with this:

Care to save your love? Find cupid’s bow and put the correct arrów in it. Come alone  or Celest dies.

There’s another hint that has a drawing of a cat and some symbols with corresponding letters.

Here’s another one, a poem by “Max D. Rama.” It also has the symbols and corresponding letters at the bottom.

Looking at the symbols from the previous sheets (the kitten and the poem) and this flyer, we can see the symbols that are inside the wheel… I think this is another hint! This helped in deciphering clue # 4.

We also got information about the Killer and his victims.

Another hint for this case is this copy of the recipe for the Killer Cookies.

After seeking help from Sullivan, we found out that the message is telling us which word to look at in the designated step or ingredient of the recipe on the reverse side. We then found out Celest’s location which is at 350 Sugar Maple Circle, which is an abandoned barn out in the country!

Sullivan went on the location and found Celest had managed to slip out of her restraint and already looming over the Cupid Killer, Simon Downing! They’re both safe, and finally, the Cupid Killer will be arrested once the police arrive!

The envelope contains the Epilogue, which is a letter from Celest thanking us for all the help, she even included a little something that she thinks we will enjoy…

It’s a poem by Sullivan, with adorable drawings by Celest at the bottom!

It’s always fun for every one of us when this thrilling and challenging case mystery-solving box arrives. Sleuth Kings is definitely one of the most engaging mystery boxes we had, and it’s even interactive as we get to email and get immediate answers from them (Sullivan). It’s also fun talking to him directly to gain more information and even get hints and solve the clues! It’s a really good experience as we get to explore fun cases, meet fictional people who make the journey more enjoyable and sometimes, heart-wrenching, or even nerve-wracking! We also find the brewing romance between Sullivan and Celest cute! We hope to get more out of this fun box, and we’ll never get tired of solving these fun mystery cases!

What do you think of the Sleuth Kings box?

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