SCOUTbox March 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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SCOUTbox is a monthly box subscription that delivers items from a variety of outdoor and adventure retailers around the world. Contents usually include outdoor gear, hiking/camping accessories, equipment, snacks, educational guides, and other resources, all delivered right to your door.

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The items are packed with brown squiggles.

The March 2019 Scoutbox theme is TRAIL!

The back of the card lists all the items included in this month’s box along with a brief description of each product.

Everything in my box!

This month’s bonus item is a green handkerchief from Klymit. At first glance, you’ll see an ordinary hankie, but when you look closely at it you’ll see a handful of beautiful pine trees.

BuckleGear Laura’s Add A Strap ($9.99) I don’t have to worry about extra baggage ever again, thanks to this strap. It’s a lightweight strap made from high-quality materials that can hold up to 200 pounds of outdoor gears. Just clip the strap onto your backpack to add a strap to that piece of gear you want to carry.

Country Archer Hickory Smoke Beef Jerky ($2.49) This easily packable snack is crafted from grass-fed beef. It’s rich in protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients that help sustain body in-between meals.

It’s also free from gluten, nitrate, MSG, hormones, and antibiotics. Such an ideal treat to bring for camping, hiking, traveling, or even just for a quick snack break.

The jerky is so chewy, but not the type that would hurt your jaw after eating a few pieces. I like its tenderness and its flavorful taste!

Gear Aid Buri Utility Knife ($29.95) It’s a 3-inch adventure knife made from 420 stainless steel with full-blade titanium coating. So compact, useful, and very tough!

It’s a portable, multi-purpose, and field tested gear made to make your outdoor adventure easier and more exciting.

The kit includes the 3-inches Gear Aid knife and a customized black knife holder.

This knife holder comes with a removable belt clip that you can easily attach to your backpack, belt, and boots. It also features durable webbing mounts, drain sheath, and a quick thumb release.

The lower part of the knife has an easy grip handle which makes it super handy and easier to use. Plus it also comes with a built-in glass breaker and bottle opener.

This blade comes with straight and serrated edges that can be used for cutting through different items like fruits, cans, ropes. It can even be used as a marker on trees and stones.

Tecnu Outdoor Skin Cleanser ($4.14) To protect our skin from irritation, they included this skin cleanser in the box. It was specifically formulated to remove the rash-causing oil from your skin after being exposed from poison ivy, oak, and sumac plants.

To use, simply apply the cleanser on the affected part. You can easily achieve the best result by applying it within 2-8 hours from exposure.

Grangers Active Wash ($1.12) It’s a high-performance detergent made to remove unwanted odor, stink, dirt, and sweat on your sportswear. This active wash provides a classic boost to your garment’s performance including their ability to absorb moisture. It’s perfect to use on almost any garment! And let me tell you – sweat wicking garments NEED this!

SCOUTbox is filled with items that encourage us to gear up and make our wildest outdoor adventure come to life! If you love traveling, hiking, or camping, this subscription is worth a try. The items they send make a great companion for any kind of traveler, like this month’s utility knife and strap. They even included a skin cleanser and a detergent that makes me camping ready, as well as a tasty jerky snack that’s perfect for outdoor snacking. All in all, it was a great box and I can’t wait for more gear I can use!

What do you think of this month’s box?

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