Mine Chest March 2019 Subscription Box Review

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Mine Chest is the one and only official subscription box for Minecraft fans! It is licensed by Mojang. This box is a $23 bimonthly box + $7 US shipping. Every chest is filled with exclusive Minecraft goodies, including a full-color T-shirt, collectibles, toys, and more. The exterior of the box usually looks like a Minecraft chest, while the inside looks like a block relating to the current month’s theme.

The box is taped on both sides to ensure that the package won’t open during transit.

Every box comes with a t-shirt (with a full range of youth and adult sizes available) and is packed in a collectible and reusable box.

The stuff inside is nicely packaged!

When inverted, the box transforms into a Sticky Piston!

The top of the block is mostly green, and it’s slime!

The Sticky Piston is a block that is identical to the piston but it has slime on one end. Like a regular piston, it can be used in all six directions.

Everything inside our March 2019 Mine Chest box! The theme is REDSTONE!

Poster. Usually every month an exclusive Minecraft poster is included in the box. The posters are designed to match up, so you have to save them all.

It shows some of the different sections in the World of Minecraft!

Written at the back of the poster is a story, or I’d rather say, information about all the box’s contents!

And it’s time for the Slime Check!

It is indicated that you can use the included stickers to make your own stories to the scroll.

It also says something about inventing something with a Redstone! I am so excited about all the items!

The poster is showing different scenes from the game…

…and the bottom part is quite dark!

Here is the completed poster!

I can just hang this whole thing on my wall!

It looks fantastic, and it is so fulfilling to see that it is already completed!

Laptop Sticker. Aside from the poster, Mine Chest also includes a sheet of stickers featuring a variety of characters that match the ones on the poster. Aside from sticking them on your laptop or other belongings, you can also stick them on the poster to create your own Minecraft story!

Pin. This month’s Minecraft exclusive pin features the Redstone wire!

Redstone is the only mineral in the game that doesn’t exist in the real world. In the game, it is really useful because it is used as an ingredient for most mechanical creations, like this Redstone wire which is a block that is used to transfer a charge between objects.

T-shirt. This month’s exclusive shirt is in gray, and it features the Minecraft Redstone Roller Coaster! The shirt is comfy because it’s made of cotton and polyester.

There are just segments of the roller coaster, and they didn’t show it as a whole, but that’s the beauty of it, the mystery of the Redstone fun ride! But you can clearly see the bats, right?

Inflatable Slime. Slimes in the game are rare mobs and can naturally spawn in 3 sizes: big, small, and tiny. It can also split into smaller slimes when killed.

The inflatable slime looks adorable! And I don’t think I’ll get gooey with this one!

It’s a cube within a cube! Just don’t let it bounce, or it will split into more slimes, or just pop!

We’re glad to get a Sticky Piston box, given that we have a Redstone lifestyle! Kidding aside, it’s always fun to get Minecraft items and I love the theme this month. It may be slimy and sticky but it’s fun. I love the inflatable cube in a cube because it is so cute. The shirt is awesome too. The pin is small yet it is fantastically designed. Overall, this is really a great box that tells us the story about the game. The theme and items are well thought of, and my kids are alway excited for more!

What do you think of this month’s Mine Chest?


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