Heart + Honey Elysian Box Special Available Now + Spoilers + Coupon!

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Heart + Honey has launched the new Elysian Box – available now! This box is $74 + shipping!

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The word elysian comes from the idyllic Greek mythological place called the Elysian Fields. Although the term is now often equated with a paradise, the Greek Elysian Fields were a heavenly resting place to go in the afterlife. The concept was probably originally conceived to encourage valor in soldiers during battle. Nowadays, people tend to use elysian to describe any heavenly scene. In classical literature Elysium was referred to as a place where life was free from toil, and lived in the presence of honored gods, enjoyed without tears, and free from all wrongdoing. A place where ocean breezes would blow, and flowers of gold blazed in shining fields and blissful meadows. A place where comfort and extravagance were without measure. It is depicted in art as a lush and peaceful paradise with flora and greenery beautiful beyond description. This Elysian Box captures the essence of paradise – beautiful, restful, cleansing and restorative!

Each box includes:

Smudgies!! Banish the blues, the greys, the stale winter blahs. Also the bad vibes and questionable ju-ju! Refresh your life for all good things to come. These smudge wands will cleanse any important space you choose. Handmade and included in all Elysian Boxes!

Are you getting a Heart & Honey Mystery Box?


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