Game of Thrones Box Spring 2019 Review

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The Game of Thrones Box is a quarterly subscription from CultureFly that delivers licensed Game of Thrones collectibles, apparel, accessories, and more! This box is priced at $49.99 per quarter, a bit less on an annual subscription.

The back has a portion of the map of Westeros!

I love the look of the box itself — the lid is presented with the close up image of the highly coveted Iron Throne of Westeros.

This month’s theme is THE GREAT BATTLE OF WESTEROS!

We are greeted with the items in the box upon opening! The fragile items are sealed and protected with clear plastic sheets.

The information card has the same cool graphic as the box lid.

Flip the card and you’ll see the illustrations of the items in the box. Looking at these totally got me in a reminiscent mood as I imagine where the inspirations came from. Many are drawn from specific moments in the series.

Everything in my box!

Battle Of The Bastards Magnetic Bulletin Board. This Magnetic Bulletin Board won’t just remind me of the showdown between Ramsey Bolton and Jon Snow. It will also help me keep track of my own battle of the house chores.

It’s a complete set of pen, three pieces of magnet dart arrows, and the board designed with a sigil that reminds me of Lyanna Mormont, the fierce Lady of The Bear Island.

Arrows played a significant role in the Battle of the Bastards, but whichever House your loyalty lies, these magnetic arrows are not meant to target enemies. They only aim to stick and hold notes on the magnetic board. It’s also a nice decoration on the wall.

The Red Wedding Plate Set. The plates feature House Stark, House Lannister, House Bolton, and House Frey sigils. They are too extravagant to be used on a regular day.  So I am planning to just display them for now and only to be taken out on special occasions. Except weddings, maybe?

Ok ok, they’re going to be final season premiere snack plates!

House Targaryen Sigil Banner Enamel Pin. The pin reminded me of this quote by Catelyn Stark:

Like their dragons, the Targaryens answered to neither gods nor men.

This lapel pin is made of quality material and is anti-rust, durable, and sturdy. It’s also the perfect size and easily attaches to any shirt, hat or bag to show support for the House Targaryen in their fight for the iron throne.

House Targaryen’s sigil is a three-headed dragon breathing flame, red on black. Their house words are Fire and Blood.  In case you’re wondering, “fire” definitely comes from their association with dragons and tolerance with heat more than an ordinary person can handle. As for “blood”, it’s affiliated with the Targaryens being very particular with their bloodline and keeping it in the family, ergo the catchphrase.

This is the 4th and final piece of the Enamel Pin set and I am hoping they would consider producing more.

Battle Of Black Water Glow-In-The-Dark T-Shirt. I can say that this glow in the dark shirt is worth the iron price.

It’s an official Game of Thrones memorabilia!

This enchanting image is taken from the scene when Tyrion Lannister successfully destroyed a large portion of Stannis’s fleet through the use of wildfire.

The bright green image is iron-printed at the very center of the black tee. The colors are a great match!

Would you look at that! It looks so wonderful, doesn’t it? The details of the wildfire explosion in the dark are pictured so perfectly that you’d actually think it’s real.

Targaryen Sigil LED Lamp. Inside this box is one of Dany’s dragon eggs… well, something close enough to it. It’s an energy efficient LED lamp that looks like a 3-dimensional holographic image of the three-headed dragon.

It has a black base powered by a USB cable that is used to power the light source and make it appear to shine in three dimensions, giving a holographic image floating in space. It also works with 3 x AAA batteries.

This extraordinary lamp can draw the eye and make it the center of attention. The light is soft and never gets hot, perfect for displaying in the bedroom, living room, or tree houses!

On the battery lid is the logo and names of manufacturer and distributor.

Its highly detailed fine lines create an optical illusion. It also has a touch power button and the Game of Thrones logo at the front. I bet you’d agree if I say that it’s an original and creative piece of art light.

Here’s how it looks like when it’s light up. You’d really think that the three-headed dragon image is floating! I really think that it’s a very unique and clever invention.

House Sigil Throw Blanket. It’s nice to cuddle up and binge on Game of Thrones while waiting for the release of the last chapter of this amazing series.

This super soft throw blanket presents 12 sigils of houses (from upper left to lower right) Arryn, Tyrell, Frey, Lannister, Martell, Baratheon, Tully, Hornwood, Targaryen, Stark, Bolton, and Greyjoy. Who do you think will win the iron throne?

Well, what can I say? I am totally gobsmacked! Everything is so cool I can’t get over the feeling when I first opened the box. I’m actually watching out for the season finale and it’s nice to have these items as addition to my GOT collectibles. The featured season has the most intense scenes that really made lasting impressions. The Red Wedding and The Battle of the Bastards, for example, was heartbreaking but the plate set and magnetic board inspired from them are total gems! I am also happy to have finally completed the enamel pin set, while the LED light is also something that I can show off to my fellow GOT followers. The glow in the dark shirt and throw blanket are quite amazing too!

What do you think of the New Game of Thrones Box? Have you seen all the boxes from CultureFly?

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