Gacha Gacha Crate March 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Gacha Gacha Crate is a new box from Japan Crate that follows the gachapon craze in Japan. Each box contains six hand-selected gachapon capsules that may contain useful accessories, your favorite characters, and a whole lot more.  Boxes start at $28, and shipping is free.

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I love the cute doodles inside the box, and the presentation is really kawaii. It’s like a nest containing six gachapon capsules sitting comfortably in orange fillers.

Every box includes a monthly Gacha Gacha magazine!

There’s an article about the cute gang of Sumikko Gurashi!

It lists all the gachapon contents you’ll get this month, along with some tidbits about each of them.

Everything in my March 2019 box!

The gachapon capsules came in a variety of colors. Its concept is similar to surprise eggs and blind bags.

Sumikko Gurashi Chokonto Mascot. Sumikko Gurashi is a gang of adorable characters that includes Shirokuma, Penguin, Tonkatsu, Neko, and Tokage. Subscribers will get 1 out of 5 characters.

We got Shirokuma, a polar bear who dislikes the cold!

It’s small and cute, perfect for attaching to your backpack or even with your keys.

The Luxury Chocolate Mascot. White Day is celebrated in Japan a month after Valentine’s day. For this occasion, it’s the men who are expected to give women chocolates. In this gachapon, we got a luxury box of chocolates and it’s nicely detailed!

The genuine-looking chocolates came in an elegant box and came in different shapes. Each chocolate also has some choco drizzles on top, making them really look good and real!

Banana Animals. This is one of the funniest gachapons so far! You can get a penguin, dolphin, spotted seal, octopus, or a beetle and every one of them looks similar to a banana.

We got the octopus. They perfectly represented the octopus by opening the banana peel in 8 segments, making them the octopus’ feet!

Capsule Station Clear Color. Here’s something that needed some assembly, and it’s kind of fun as we were able to get a capsule station out of a gachapon capsule! How cool is that?

The completed capsule station looks awesome. It also comes with tiny gachapons inside it!

A gachapon-ception indeed!

Neko Kaburu. It’s two animals in one body, and since the kitty’s head is separated with the body as we open the gachapon, we already knew what the other animal is, it’s a penguin! But other than the penguin, other subscribers may also get a bear, panda, a koala, or a seal.

It looks like a curious and inquisitive cat. And look at those adorable, big eyes!

And yes, when you take off the kitty’s head, the penguin comes out! It looks harmless compared to the gutsy and tough-looking neko.

Chokotto Home Party. It’s time to prepare some delightful desserts, and here we got an ice cream scoop, ice cream, and a cone. I wonder how many ice cream scoops I got!

It has 10 and needs some perfect balancing! Aside from this fun dessert, there are also other sweets and treats that you can get that you can play and display.

It really fun, and I think I will just display this fun-looking treat. I actually had fun assembling this, and I hope to also get the other variants, like the donuts!

I love surprises! Getting these gachapons make me happy! The kids also love these miniature toys that come inside a colorful capsule. The Sumikko Gurashi plushie is really cute, and the banana octopus totally made us all giggle. And who wouldn’t like the gachapon-ception? It’s actually my favorite! People of any age will surely love these mini toys and capsules, just like how we can’t get enough of them!

What do you think of this month’s Gacha Gacha Crate?

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