Boxwalla Perfumer Box Available Now!

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Boxwalla Perfumer Box is now available! This Perfumer series is curated by Sigil Scent creator, Patrick Kelly, and comes in 2 phases – the Learning/Discovery phase and the Full Bottle Experience phase.

The Perfumer Box is $84.95 + FREE shipping on both phases. Shipping starts 4/25.

Here’s the full announcement:

Dearest All, 

We have been dreaming up something special. And I am thrilled to finally announce the launch of a project very close to my heart – The Perfumer Series.

Perfume, Latin for ‘through smoke’, is such a personal, intimate luxury : both a bridge and an armor and whatever else you want it to be; a beauty product as well as wearable art and a form of expression. We wanted to include both the personal & universal nature of perfume into a scent experience. A scent experience consisting of two boxes that is now available on our website.

This scent experience showcases the uber talented perfumer Patrick Kelly, creator of Sigil Scent. Patrick creates both mystical and modern olfactory vignettes from all natural raw materials: essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, house-made tinctures all blended in certified organic sugarcane alcohol.

The perfume box ($84.95 ) includes 4 samples & 1 full bottle, shipped as two distinct phases. Retail Value of the four samples and full bottle is $170.
Ships Free. 

Here are the two phases:

PHASE 1: Learning/Discovery Phase

In the first phase, you will receive all 4, 2ml spray samples from Sigil Scent : the effervescent, refreshing Solutio, the heady, woody floral Anima Mundi, the grounding, resinous Amor Fati and the green, mossy Prima Materia. These samples will be housed in a Boxwalla box along with an insert. On social media, Patrick Kelly, the perfumer, and I will be talking at length about each perfume, discussing the nuances, the notes, and you are welcome to ‘sniff’ with us, take notes as you explore these four gorgeous perfumes. We will also be sending out perfume-related newsletters. Once you decide which one is Full Bottle Worthy to you, you move to Phase 2. You have upto 4 weeks to decide.

PHASE 2: The Full Bottle Experience

Once you decide based on testing the samples, which bottle you would like, you can email us at [email protected] with your choice of full bottle. Use the subject :Sigil Scent Choice. And voila, a full bottle will be shipped to you from Sigil Scent.

Are you getting the Boxwalla Perfumer Box?


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