toucanBox January 2019 Subscription Box Review + Free Box Coupon

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toucanBox is a monthly activity subscription box that encourages creativity through crafting, learning and imaginative play for children aged 3- 8. It is the box’s goal to create a safe outlet for kids to develop their curiosity and critical thinking, open their minds to new ideas and express themselves freely. It includes puzzles, games, experiments, and recipes that are of high quality and safe.

The box is personally addressed to the children with everything you need like the materials, instructions, and magazine.

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We are greeted with a uniquely laid out box that features the 2 crafting activities and its materials.

It is designed to fit the needs of the UK Royal mail – but in the cutest little flat box! You know this one is really going to grab and go!

Everything in the box!

Every box includes a fun magazine for kids!

This month’s magazine is New Year-themed.

Of course, it also tells us the Adventures of the STEAM team!

In this part of the magazine, you’ll indicate the things you are good at and the things you want to learn this 2019.

This month’s featured experiment is creating a frozen bubble. The ingredients and instructions are included with some step by step images.

Aside from the experiment, there’s even a draw and color activity for you to work on!

Another activity is about writing an algorithm! It says that TB1 can move in any direction, but is only allowed to move one square at a time. You’ll need to create a route for TB1 so he can go to his destination, the toucanLAB!

Also included is a colorful sticker sheet which features different kinds of candies.

The stickers can be used in a sorting activity! The instruction is to put the blue candies on the blue circle, red candies on the red circle, and the candies with combined colors in the middle.

This month’s pack contains 2 crafting activities, Aboriginal Bowl and Silly Spider & Marble Web Art!

Here we got 2 more bonus adventurer stickers!

Activity #1: Aboriginal Bowl. This first activity includes a paint, brown paper, glue pens, paintbrush, balloons, and sticker sheets.

According to the booklet, this activity is a little messy with a bit of grown-up assistance and an overnight drying time.

The first step to do is to blow up the balloon, then place it on a bowl to keep it stable.

Once the balloon is ensured to be steady, brush the glue on top of it and carefully place the brown strips all over.

Drying the strips would really take a while, make sure to dry them out before removing it on the balloon to avoid possible defect.

Once the brown strips are 100% dry, slowly detach it from the balloon and cut the uneven part to form a semi-sphere shape.

Turn the bowl upside down and put some black dots using the paint which is also provided in the kit.

Aboriginal Dot is a traditional way of painting that uses colorful dots to form an artwork.

Using the orange and green stickers, we decorated the aboriginal-inspired kangaroo artwork. My son had fun sticking out the stickers on the circles.

This bowl really has a lot of black and white dots all over.

You may find some parts of the bowl to be unstuck, don’t worry since it’s pretty normal. All you just need to do is realign it using regular glue.

I highly recommend using a glue stick so that you won’t need for it to dry.

I think my kids really made a really great bowl. I’m pretty impressed with their patience, perseverance, and dedication to finish this project.

Activity #2: Silly Spider. The second activity is divided into two parts. For the first part, we used a glue stick, pipe cleaners, sticky back eyes, spider body, stick, and tissue paper.

Compared to the first activity, this is less messy and much simpler than the first one. Plus, it’s really quick to make.

We started by cutting the black tissue paper into small pieces.

Then, carefully put the black tissue paper on the spider body using the glue stick.

The next thing to do is to build a spiderweb. Start by attaching 3 pipe cleaners around the edges of the star. Then, make hooks to attach the pipe cleaners and pinch the hooks together to lock them.

Once done with the web, finish the spider by placing the sticky back eyes on top of the body and put the pipe cleaners on each side which serves as the spider’s feet.

Activity #2: Marble Web Art. For the second part of the project, we used a marble, white paint, stickers, black paper, and the cover of the toucanbox.

The web art is pretty simple. You just need to place the black paper on the box, dip the marble on the white paint, and let it roll all over.

Repeat the procedure until you achieve your desired design. Check out the result of the web design we made, it’s so fantastic!

toucanBox once again delivered excellent activities to enhance the kids’ artistic and crafty side! Some of this month’s activities were messy, but it was still fun and enjoyable for my kids. It’s really convenient that the box provided everything we need to perform each activity. Plus, the magazine contains detailed step-by-step instructions that make it way much easier. I also like the idea of adding extra activities in the booklet for my kids to work on. All in all, it’s an ideal box for learning and for a great family bonding time!

What do you think about this month’s toucanBox?

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