toucanBox February 2019 Subscription Box Review + Free Box Coupon

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toucanBox is a monthly activity subscription box that encourages creativity through crafting, learning and imaginative play for children aged 3- 8. It is the box’s goal to create a safe outlet for kids to develop their curiosity and critical thinking, open their minds to new ideas and express themselves freely. It includes puzzles, games, experiments, and recipes that are of high quality and safe.

The box is personally addressed to the children with everything you need like the materials, instructions, and magazine.

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We are greeted with a uniquely laid out box that features the 2 crafting activities and its materials.

It is designed to fit the needs of the UK Royal mail – but in the cutest little flat box! You know this one is really going to grab and go!

The activities for this month are Chinese Lion Puppet and Modern Art Canvas.

Everything in the box!

Every month, you can find a sheet of lovely and colorful stickers in the box. For this month, we got different animals and roller coasters!

Every box includes a fun magazine for kids!

Welcome to your brand new issue of toucanBox magazine! The STEAM Team are investigating how rollercoasters work, cooking up some perfect pancakes in the kitchen, and celebrating Chinese New Year. Come and join in!

The booklet contains an activity where kids can draw the animal representing the year they were born!

Of course, it also tells us the Adventures of the STEAM team!

In this part of the magazine, they also talked about gravity.

My kids immediately started to work on the on-page activities.

They drew a roller coaster track with several loops. This one can use up a lot of energy in real life!

This month’s featured recipe is all about pancakes!

There’s also an activity where the kids will help Mati look for his stuff in this mess!

Another activity is coordinate coloring where they will color all in coordinate squares to reveal a picture.

The magazine even included a photo album for their subscriber-submitted photos!

There’s another set of cute stickers. One features a Chinese character and the other features a painter!

Activity No. 1: Modern Art Canvas. For the first activity, we used paintbrush, canvas, glue pen, back foam, paint, water, and a pair of scissors.

According to the booklet, this activity needs a bit of grown-up assistance. It’s a little messy and requires some drying time too.

After making borders with the black foam on the canvas, my son started painting the spaces.

He painted some of the squares red, while the others are in blue and yellow.

Here’s the finished Modern Art Canvas! My son is happy with his Mondrian-inspired masterpiece!

Another activity requires some of the foam circles on the provided page to make the Kandinsky artwork.

The kids stuck the foam circles on the page, and it looks awesome!

Here’s the finished Kandinsky circles art! I love how they overlap some of the circles on the bigger ones.

Activity No. 2: Chinese Lion Puppet. Next project is all about the Chinese New Year! The materials include a circle template, card, foam, cupcake liners, sticky back eyes, feathers, streamers, clay, double stick tape, glue stick, and a pair of scissors.

It’s less messy than the first activity, but still requires grown-up assistance. It also needs some drying time.

The guide gives detailed instructions coupled with illustrations, making it so much easier to follow. Aside from the craft, there’s also a maze that lets you explore the Forbidden City and find some artifacts!

After cutting one of the circles, the kids put some tape on each of the section of the whole one, as they need to stick the other half of the cut circle on it.

To make Lion’s eyes, they used the cupcake liners, clay, and the sticky back eyes.

They used the different colored feathers to make it colorful too!

Here’s the finished product! It looks cute and ready to party!

The kids did a great job doing this Chinese New Year Mascot, and I’m sure this will bring good luck to us all year long! I also feel so proud seeing how dedicated the kids are in doing these projects and crafts, and the finished products are all awesome!

This month’s box was a hit! My kids had fun doing the crafts and they even played with the puppets afterward. Doing the on-page activities is another thing that kept them busy. I highly recommend this box for kids and families who love crafting. The box provides almost all of the materials for the activities, and all you need from home are usually just a pair of scissors and a cup of water if there’s paint involved. We’re already looking forward to the next box!

What do you think about this month’s toucanBox?

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