RocksBox February 2019 Review + FREE Month Coupon!

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Rocksbox is a designer jewelry rental subscription service. For a flat monthly fee, you’ll as many boxes as you can ship with 3 fabulous pieces of jewelry to try out and experiment with, and return when you’re done and get your next set (free shipping both ways!). You can also keep the pieces you want to love forever at a discount off retail.

When you sign up you take a quiz to determine your style, your stylist curates your box based on your wishlist and tastes. I try to update my wishlist every month but realistically I only get in there every so often.

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All jewelry comes in a neatly tied little box that comes with a bow! This subscription box is definitely the best way to try out new jewelry without filling your collection to the brim or spending more than is necessary.

Rocksbox makes sure that their boxes turn around fast, with your subscription box being delivered quickly when you mail it, along with your feedback, so the style curator will know what to send next. You can get a new box every 4 to 5 days depending on when you return them. You can keep the box for a month if you like or return it as soon as you are done, it’s your choice.

Rocksbox adds a little element of surprise to their box by wrapping it in a colorful wrapper with a sticker.

Everything is beautiful in this box!

The accessories are packed in individual drawstring pouches.

They included a round care card.

It states the ways to protect and how to take good care of your jewelry.

The box includes an information card.

There’s a short message from Rocksbox. You will get more information about the contents of your box, along with similar styles that are recommended by the style curator, when you log in to your account. This is one of the best features of Rockbox for sure!

Another thing that you can get from this monthly subscription is that you will be given a credit of $21 every month so you can get to keep the pieces that you fancy. You can mark items on your wishlist if you are looking for something unique. Update your wishlist every time you return a box. And when you do decide to keep the pieces, you can get up to $10 off when you purchase the entire set.

At the back of the information card are the steps on how to use RocksBox. You can wear this month’s collection as long as you want and even buy the ones that you wish to keep. You can send the rest back to get more collections when you’re ready.

Everything in the box!

Perry Street Marina Square Studs in Lilac Opal ($40, $36 to keep) These tiny studs are really beautiful and when the right amount of light hits them, they glint and shimmer! I love how beautiful they look when worn. They may be small, but the impact is really huge and fabulous!

Kate Spade French Wire Drops in Green ($58) With just the right gold-plated wire length that holds the glass green drops, this pair sure is stunningly gorgeous. When you look close, they look like beautiful green eyes, and they’re just too precious to pass on!

Sophie Harper Cactus Pendant ($55, $46 to keep) This cactus pendant is studded with shiny green gems that make it shimmer and look so elegant that I love when it dangles on my neck.

I love the whimsical design, and I am sure it will look great even when I wear a plain white shirt or a pretty blouse.

It can easily be adjusted as well with its lobster claw and the chain being extended. I can decide on how long it will settle on my chest, that will also depend on the top or clothes I am wearing.

I really love how shiny these set of jewelry is this month, and I kept the studs!

Rocksbox definitely gave me another good selection with the lilac opal studs, green wire drops, and the beautiful cactus necklace. I love how shiny all of them are, and my favorite is definitely the small but gorgeous stud earrings which look really pretty! I can wear them with anything too!

Have you tried RocksBox? What did you get this month?

Visit RocksBox to subscribe or find out more!


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