Mail Order Mystery Spring Sale: Save $5 on any Mystery! RARE!

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Mail Order Mystery has a new sale this Spring!

Daylight savings has arrived! We’re springing forward to meet the spring! Finally, after so many dark, dreary mornings we can see what we’re eating for breakfast! The clocks that we didn’t bother to change last fall are finally the right time!

We’re super happy about it! But we are also kind of tired. Losing an hour of sleep is a high price to pay, even for natural light. And it’s not like the kids are any help. We can stand there all we want and say “Go to bed! You may feel like it’s nine o’clock, but it’s really ten!” But they don’t care. They will go to sleep when they feel like going to sleep, because, well, that’s how sleep works.

Unfortunately, we can’t get your kids to bed. And we can’t save you that hour of sleep you lost. But we can save you $5 off a Mail Order Mystery. And we’re super happy about that, too!

Use the coupon code MYSTERYMARCH at checkout to save $5 on any mystery box. Ends 3/17.

There are four Mail Order Mysteries to choose from: The pirate-themed Treasure Hunt, the fairy-tale themed Enchanted Slumber, the espionage-themed Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys, and the detective-themed Case of the Missing Bigfoot.

Treasure Hunt – $99 (See review)

Maps, keys, curses and sharks. Hidden treasure and scheming pirates. It all starts with a letter from a woman half-way across the world who finds an old key and a note from a long-dead pirate who happens to be your Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather. It’s up to you to find the family fortune, but can you keep it safe from double-crossing pirates? Who’s to know when a pirate’s telling the truth, yaarrr?

Enchanted Slumber (See spoilers)

A Knight, a Troll, a Librarian and a Dragon need your help to wake a princess who has been asleep for 699 years. There’s no time to lose – as soon as she hits the year 700 – poof! That’s it! The Princess turns to dust. Can you solve the ciphers, crack the clues and put the pieces together in time? Can you do what no one else has been able to do in the last seven centuries? Have you got what it takes to be an unsuspecting Hero? In this twisting, turning take on an old fairy tale, nothing is as it seems.

The Enchanted Slumber was written by a Mom, illustrated by a Mom and designed by a Mom. The story has strong messages about love, friendship and working together to face seemingly insurmountable tasks.

Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys – $109 (See review)

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to spy school. Your training begins as soon as… Wait! Something has happened! We need your help to find a missing agent. Solve the ciphers, enter the codes and stop the evil villain before it’s too late. If his evil plans succeed, fun will be gone forever. Seriously. No more fun. Forever! Mwa ha ha ha ha!

Case of the Missing Bigfoot – $109 (See spoilers)

An old mansion. A secret organization. A dinner party about to begin. The lights go out, there’s an upset in the dining room, an upset in the upstairs hall. The lights come on, the safe is open and the contents are gone. Who did it? All seven guests are suspects. There’s the butler, too, of course. And what about that open door?

The detectives on the case need your help. They’ll send you all the info they’ve got: “crime scene” photos, fingerprint reports, interview transcripts, ciphers, clues and a suspect board to help you keep track of the case.

And by the way, this mansion is not far from where you live. A big hairy creature that may or may not be Bigfoot was recently spotted in the area. You haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary, have you?

Check out other Mail Order Mystery reviews to find out more about these puzzle/immersive mystery subscriptions for kids.  Don’t let the kids see them, though!!

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