Loved+Blessed March 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Loved + Blessed is a monthly Christian subscription box filled with encouragement. Every box contains a mini-poster, a reminder sticker of the monthly encouragement, a scripture card, and a surprise gift.

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Encourage one another daily.

This month’s theme is UPLIFT.

The box is in hot pink, as well as the tissue paper, sealed with a sticker that says…

SMILE. See Miracles In Life Everyday.

The theme card has some nice things to say about the box and this month’s theme.

Also, the box supports Union Rescue Mission.

You can also get the most of your membership by visiting the box’s website.

You can read the blog, download the monthly workbook, and find other encouraging resources!

Everything in the March 2019 box!

Encouragement Kit. Every box from Loved+Blessed contains an encouragement kit that you can make yourself or you can pass along to friends or loved ones.

I can use this card for myself, or uplift a family member or a friend. The colorful card is adorable, And I love how it features some tearable words of encouragement!

It really feels good if somebody tries to cheer you up, so imagine the happiness and smiles that’ll be caused by sharing this card to somebody whom you know will be needing a lot of encouragement and support.

Sticker. Each month, you will also get a cool set of stickers, mini poster, and a scripture card from this box, which is called the Reminder Set. And this month’s sticker tells us SMILE until you mean it! I also love the colors which looks like paint splatters! The sticker can be easily attached to most flat surfaces too.

Poster. The mini poster this month tells us how powerful a smile is as it can change the world! Now show those pearly whites and influence others to just be happy and smile, whatever life brings! This will really bring a big smile on everyone if you decide to have it framed, hang it on your wall, or just let it stand on a bedside cabinet.

The message at the back of the poster is really beautiful and uplifting too.

Don’t let the world change your smile.

Scripture Card. The scripture card has the same colorful design as the sticker and the poster. It can be used as a pretty note card that you can share with a family member or a friend!

The scripture card also coincides with this month’s theme, and at the back, includes scripture from Philippians 4:8.

Scented Candle. The scented candle, that came in a reusable jar, smells good as it contains peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender that calms and relaxes me.

It has a burn time of 50-60 hours, which is really long for a fantastic smelling candle. It’s also vegan, clean-burning, and has phthalate-free fragrance.

This subscription is becoming one of our most awaited boxes as the whole box encourages and uplifts anyone’s spirit up! I love the inclusion of the Reminder Set which can also serve as a good gift set, aside from the Encouragement Kit, that I can share with the whole family or a friend, or someone who really needs some support and hope. Everything is wonderful, and I am sure, whoever receives this box will feel that he or she is being uplifted. The inclusion of the relaxing candle is great too. In times of despair, we need to stay calm and collected, and we need to think clearly that’s why we need to relax, and receiving or giving a helping hand is great too. May you be at the receiving end or the one who’s giving hope to somebody, you will always feel good and fulfilled, and this box can always serve as a good instrument to share your blessings and love.

What did you think of Loved + Blessed this month?

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