Loot Crate Fallout Crate February 2019 Review + Coupon

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Fallout Crate is a bimonthly subscription box from Loot Crate that includes 4-6 items – each comes with an exclusive figure in every box plus a piece to a build-a-figure, along with other Fallout gear and collectibles. The subscription costs $34.95 + shipping bimonthly, or $49.99 international.

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There are several boxed items inside!

An art print is also included on the back of the info card.

There’s a card that lists all the items included in the box. This month’s theme is AFTERMATH!

Everything in the February 2019 Fallout Crate!

Ghoulish Perk Pin. The perk pin for this month’s crate is the Ghoulish Perk. Like most of the perk pins from this box, you can get either a gold or a rare black. I got the one in gold.

In the game, the perk functions by healing a multiplier of any rad poisoning received, and as the rank goes up, the radiation level will reduce slowly.

Irradiated Blood Ice Packs. These “blood packs,” instead of containing crimson-colored liquid, contains a green one! Irradiated blood can be looted from radroaches, feral ghouls, and wasteland residents, and restores 50 Hit Points and adds 20 points of Radiation damage to the Sole Survivor when used.

Also, it is a crafting component for making a glowing blood pack at a chemistry station. Well for this set, they may not restore 50 hit points or add radiation damage, but sure you can use them to relieve injured or sore areas on your body.

Fallout 4 Atom’s Judgement Scale Replica. The weapon replica we got this month is from Fallout 4, and it’s Atom’s Judgment!

The Atom’s Judgment is a unique super sledge and a weapon you can find on Fallout 4 add-on, Far Harbor.

The figure consists of 2 easy-to-assemble parts. Even kids can easily set this one up!

The weapon has a unique design, as the hammerhead is comprised of four fusion cores instead of the regular plain steel block. The cores appear to look damaged so that we can see the leaking and glowing green radioactive material from the contact area.

And when you swung or simply held the weapon, it emits a sickly green vapor from its head that leaves a smoky trail, wherever you move the weapon!

Glowing Sea T-Shirt. The Glowing Sea is a region of the Commonwealth that contains several locations in the game, and also, the ground zero for a nuclear blast during the Great War. And this shirt features the irradiated landscape!

I love how the shirt looks like one you can get from a famous tourist spot and something that you can bring home as a souvenir! The design might attract more tourists in!

New California Republic Flag. The New California Republic (NCR) is a large, democratic federation of states based in California, with holdings in Nevada, Mexico, and along the Colorado River. It emphasizes and claims to support a myriad of old-world values like personal liberty, democracy, and rule of law.

The flag features a two-headed bear, as opposed to the old flag that only has a bear with one head.  Also, the New California Republic was born from the remnants of the survivors of Vault 15 and the small walled community they founded which is the Shady Sands.

Liberty Prime Build-A-Figure Right Leg. Every Fallout Crate contains a part of the Build-A-Figure until it gets completed. This month, we got Liberty Prime’s right leg!

There’s a total of 6 parts to complete this figure, and this is part number 2!

Liberty Prime (later Liberty Prime Mark II if rebuilt) is a unique U.S. Army robot found at the Citadel. It stands 40 feet (12.19 meters) tall and is armed with a powerful eye laser and tactical nuclear bombs, making it a major combat asset.

Of course, the first part that came to me from the previous box, which is its torso, has a rustic finish, so the leg has that look as well.

Having this makes me more excited about the rest of the parts that are coming my way! I can’t wait to see this figure standing on its own along with my other Fallout figures!

I really love the new figure series from Loot Crate, especially the weapons replica! The build-a-figure series is becoming a favorite as well, it’s one of the reasons that I get so excited when this box arrives. I love the thrill of completing the figure box by box! The wow-factor is already here, as the other items are great and useful as well, especially the cool ice packs! I am crossing my fingers and hoping they keep this up! The “aftermath” of exploring this box was great 🙂

What do you think of this edition of Fallout Crate?


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