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KiwiCo, home to Tinker Crate and other STEM subscriptions for kids, has a new Make-And-Play Fort Pack!  There are 3 crates available, Light-Up LanternCannonball Launcher, and Make-and-Play Fort. We’ll be reviewing all three, but this is a review of the Fort! The box costs $109.95.

The KiwiCo Make-And-Play Fort Pack boxes are suitable for ages 5+!

We’re excited to build this one up!

In this box, the kids will engage in creative pretend play, develop and improve their building and modular construction skills.

The box contains everything that we’ll need to build the fort. The box contains long and short beams, connectors, forks, planks, cloth pieces, rubber bands, soft strips, scratchy strips, cord, loops, and an instruction sheet.

Make-and-Play Fort ($109.95)

Build a two-story fort, complete with a roof, door, and walls to keep out pesky pirates and roaming robbers.

The pack of rubber bands was not included in the box, but it’s all good as they were sealed onto the outside!

Each pack contains an illustrated instruction booklet.

The booklet also lists and explains the different materials we’re going to use to build the fort.

Here are some of the materials we’re going to use, each being identified by the kids so it’ll be easier for us to build this project.

For the first part, we’re going to build the posts that will support our structure.

In making the posts, we will be using rubber bands, forks, connectors, and long beams.

Just make sure that the arrow on the fork is pointing up, and the rubber band is at the bottom connector. You have to sort of unfold the pieces and make sure they’re squared up, stick them together, and then slide on the bands and that keeps the pieces together.

To complete the post, we slid the long beam on the bottom connector, just over the rubber band.

They also included some building tips on the booklet, and for the posts, when we connect the two posts together, do not build off of the short end.

Here are the finished posts that we need to connect together.

The posts look like the skeleton of the fort, which is important to fully support the structure that we’re building.

My kids are ready to assemble the posts up!

They’re connecting the posts together.

Also, they ensured that the rubber bands were attached correctly.

This project took quite a bit of time – and they were engaged the entire way through!

My daughter worked on the second story or the higher parts of the fort. If it looks like she’s grumpy – I was getting in her way! She was the master builder!

After building the posts, it’s time to complete the fort by adding a roof, walls and a door!

For the walls, the kids attached several planks on the frame that was created by attaching the posts together. The planks just got some hook and loop taped on, and we put the other side on the posts.

After putting up some walls, they also added the cloth as the fort’s roof, and another one served as its door.

Here’s the fort looking ready, even without the rest of the planks attached to it.

My kids continued building up the wall of their fort by attaching more planks.

The booklet also included an article about amazing architecture that actually inspired this project.

And they explain about modular homes, and that homes can be built by using smaller objects, even those that came from the mail!

Another item that they used with their fort is the Light-Up Lantern that’s used to light up the insides of their tiny abode.

The fort’s spacious enough and can fit the kids inside without any problem.

The kids are really happy with their new playhouse! I also love how they made a window on their fort! Check out that cannonball launcher!

This is really great, as the kids built this fort all by themselves! We are all happy about this new play space in our home. I also saw how creative they can get when it comes to simple architecture. I am really proud of what they’ve accomplished!

FYI – this has been up in our living room for about 2 months, still going strong. Even though it’s all made out of cardboard, it’s really quite sturdy.

This is a fantastic fort! The kids didn’t just have fun playing, but also learned about architecture! It’s a simple fort yet it brought lots of enjoyment for all of us. The kids were really excited when this box came, and as we opened the box, they were already pawing through inside the to know more about this project! I can tell how super happy and proud they were when they’re done with the whole fort. This crate lets them experience creative play via making, which also develops their building and creative skills! They can rebuild and customize their own fort as well, and most of all, storage is easy as all the pieces fold flat (but this will never happen, once it’s up, they’ll never let you take it down!).

Are you getting the KiwiCo Make-And-Play Pack?  Want even more?  You can also subscribe to the regular Kiwi Crate, Koala Crate, Atlas Crate, or Doodle Crate and save 30% on your first month! Just use this link to subscribe!


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