Green Kid Crafts February 2019 Subscription Box Review + 50% Off Coupon!

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Green Kid Crafts is a subscription box that sends 5-8 themed projects made with eco-friendly materials to your home every month. The boxes contain hands-on explorations in science, math, technology, engineering and art that are intended to challenge children from 3-10 years of age.

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The February 2019 Green Kid Crafts theme is ROCKET SCIENCE.

The box itself is in green, with cute doodles on it, and all the items are packed neatly inside it.

The booklet provides essential information about the subscription and projects that you can work on.

The booklet has a table of contents and an introduction to Rocket Science.

The booklet contains a lot of cool on-page activities for your kids to enjoy, like puzzles and mazes.

It also talks about the flight sequence of a space shuttle. Another activity that my kids love is the build-a-story where they will fill the blanks to complete the story, and for this month, it’s all about the Silly Solar System.

My kids immediately started with the activities. They loved the Silly Solar System!

There’s also a comic strip page in the booklet. This month’s topic is Chemical Reactions!

There’s also a sheet that can be filled up with the My Green Kid Crafts Badges!

Here’s the Rocket Scientist Expert badge that we can stick to the badges’ sheet!

Everything in my box!

The kits featured this month come in individual plastic bags made of 100% recycled materials.

There are 3 activities each month, and for this box, we got Rocket Launch, Air Pressure Experiment, and Model Solar System!

Each activity pack contains 2 projects. For the Air Pressure Experiment pack, there’s the Air Scale and Magic Cup. The box also included a ruler, a pencil, balloons, a cup, and a yarn for these projects.

For the air scale, we used the ruler, balloons, and yarn. First step is to cut 3 pieces of yarn with different lengths. One should be 8 inches long and the rest should be 4 inches long each.

The longer piece of yarn is tied on the center of the ruler, while the 2 shorter ones are used to tie each of the balloons at the ends of the ruler. At first, the scale is balanced.

After filling the other balloon with air and the other one stays deflated, the ruler goes down where the balloon has air inside. This proves that air has weight, even though we don’t actually see it!

For the second project, we are doing a magic cup. The same items from the first project are needed, along with a bowl and water from home. This activity will let us know what air pressure is all about, and how it works and affects this project.

The Rocket Launch pack contains two projects: Space Rockets and Rubber Rockets.

The first project uses rockets and air pump.

The kids just need to insert the rocket to the air pump, point the rocket in whichever direction they want it to go to, press the air pump, and see the rocket fly!

For the second project, we used balloons, a wooden clothespin, and a pencil. First step is to fill the balloon up with air. Then, twist the opening after for several times, secure it with a clothespin, and remove! It forces out the air inside the balloon, making it move the opposite direction!

For the last activity, we made our own Solar System Model!

For this one, used 3-D snap-together planets, 9 steel bars, Saturn ring, a base, stand, and some rotating arms.

Aside from assembling the whole thing, the kids get to paint the planets on their own too!

The set also came with a paint set that will be used to design and color each planet.

The kids painted the planets and the sun after they attached the Solar System model.

The colors are actually spot on! Great thing they had a guide so that they can color the planets correctly.

Now, you can tell which planet in the Solar System is the farthest from the sun!

Also, it’s good that it came with rotating arms that also indicate the positions of the planet, from the nearest to the farthest from the sun. This is by far the most fun to do in this set!

There are also other helpful articles in the booklet, including recipes and book suggestions like This is Rocket Science by Emma Vanstone and Science Comics: Rockets by Anne Drozd.

Green Kid Crafts is really a great box! This month is space-themed, with lots of activities that definitely sparked my kids’ interest in rockets and space. They were also able to design their own Solar System model, as the kit allowed them to paint the planets on their own. We all love learning new things, and this box is definitely one to give us that. We’re excited about what the next box brings!

Has your family tried Green Kid Crafts?

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