GlobeIn Artisan Box Club TASTING March 2019 Review + Coupon

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The GlobeIn Artisan Box Club is a subscription that sends handcrafted products from around the world. All items are produced either by collectives that are fair trade certified or that respect and adhere to fair trade principles. All artisans and farmers whose products are distributed by GlobeIn are paid a fair wage for their products.

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Outside, the box has a sticker that says it’s fragile.

The items were wrapped in green tissue paper.

Everything was well wrapped and packaged to protect them during shipping.

They also include a booklet that gives details about each of the artists responsible for the items in the box.

The theme for this box is TASTING. Artisan Box subscribers have a selection of themes from which to choose. This way, artisans will be able to meet GlobeIn’s needs while also having longer, steady work as they continue to produce items for the Artisan Box.

We have a message from this month’s Artisan Box Curtor, Angela.

They even included a Shrimp Scampi Dip recipe and a mouthwatering photo of the featured dish.

Everything in my box!

Sasha Imports Hand-carved Flight Stand – India. According to the booklet, this stand is handcrafted by a professional woodwork artisan from Bengal, India.

It’s made from eucalyptus wood and I find the craftsmanship admirable due to the fact that this type of material is hard to carve. It’s also clever how the stand is designed to fit the teal-rim tasting glasses that are also included in this box.

The wood used is thick and durable!

Cristaluc Tasting Glasses – Turquoise Rim (Set of 4) – Mexico ($45) These turquoise rim tasting glasses are a great way to give guests refreshments or cocktails!

Just like other fragile items, they wrapped these tasting glasses in bubble wrap to avoid any damage during shipping.

Each glass is uniquely shaped like a wine bottle through the glass blowing technique. Each angle shows how they are meticulously designed and crafted.

The turquoise rim and design give a vintage look and feel, making the tasting experience more inviting.

The bubble style bevel of these glasses accommodates most standard sized flight trays, including the one from this box. The base diameter fits easily yet securely in the slots of the sampler tray, therefore making it so much more presentable and transportable.

Each glass is finished with dimples on the outer edges so fingers can grip comfortably around the rim.

Kazi Goods Handwoven Bottle Coaster – Rwanda ($18) Mugs and glasses aren’t the only ones that need a coaster. Bottles do too, especially if it’s as beautiful and colorful as this one from Rwanda.

Handwoven with sisal fibers and sweet grass, this bottle coaster is perfect for a large 40-ounce beer, wine, or champagne bottle. The exceptional spiral design and color coordination create a beautiful eye illusion.

The exterior design looks like a grass skirt which gives a festive-flare to a simple table top or shelf.

We tried it on a bottle of Amarula cream liqueur and it’s perfect! I think it’s so flipping cute, I have it on my counter to catch any wayward drips from my open bottle of vino!

Matr Boomie Bottle Opener Necklace – India ($26) It’s a metal engraved necklace with a hidden bottle-opening functionality!

With a long, adjustable blue nylon cord, it can match any type of clothing. The engravings on the metal plate also gave it such a stylish look.

This piece is intricately engraved and produced using only upcycled and salvage materials. It’s indeed a valuable craft.

Matr Boomie Tasting Journal – India ($12) Even if you are a novice beverage enthusiast, a tasting journal will fit you well. With so many drinks to choose from, it’s important to keep track of past drinks you have sampled and would like to try again.

The front cover looks simple but classy.

The back cover bears a quote from Henry Lawson, an Australian writer and bush poet.

Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer.

It’s made with 100% recycled cotton, so it’s environment-friendly and highly sustainable. The template was also made and presented nicely and orderly. It’s a chic and useful tasting journal! This works for wine, beer, and liquor! Even tea or coffee!

I admire the concept and advocacy that GlobeIn Artisan Box wants to impart. Discovering all these timeless handcrafted items is a breath of fresh air too! Their skills and dedication are absolutely admirable and inspirational. I also think that this month’s theme is a brilliant idea especially for a wine lover like me. They made me feel like organizing a tasting night with my friends!

What do you think of this month’s GlobeIn Artisan Box?

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