Ginkgo & Grace January 2019 Subscription Box Review

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Ginkgo & Grace is a bimonthly subscription box that delivers beauty and skin care products curated especially for modern, mature women. Boxes feature upscale products for you to try in your home and brands are selected for their commitment to utilizing natural ingredients and their concern for the environment. Ginkgo & Grace is $85 a shipment plus $8 for shipping and currently ships to the lower 48 states. Here’s a little info about how this box got its name:

Have you ever seen a Ginkgo tree in the fall? They are golden and radiant, breathtakingly beautiful. Ginkgo & Grace celebrates this beautiful season of a woman’s life; women confident in the elegant grace that only comes with maturity.

I received a letter saying that this is the first box from Ginkgo & Grace. I would have loved some info about each product and why it was chosen for this box, maybe next time! FYI, this box is scheduled to ship in January, March, May, July, September, and November. They also donate 5% to a charity, but they are still researching the recipient.

The box itself was matte white and had a removable lid, and it can be reused for storing items, as a gift box, or any number of uses. The tissue paper had ginkgo leaves all over it and the box was wrapped in a satin ribbon held closed by a sticker.

Everything in my box! My products were tucked into shredded white paper squiggles and arrived in perfect shape.

The first item came with an info card.

The card gave care instructions for a silk pillowcase.

Texere Silk Luxury Silk Pillowcase ($24.99) My mom told me that silk pillowcases are the best since they supposedly won’t cause creases while you sleep, which may prevent some wrinkles from forming.

The pillowcase is queen sized and has a satiny feel.

According to the tag it is hand painted silk.

It has a flap that is supposed to keep the pillow inside. I liked sleeping with a silk pillowcase, even if it doesn’t quite match my sheet colors!

Next was a trial kit from Kelia, a brand I’ve never heard of before. I love trying new brands! This is the Discovery Kit, and while this kit is sold out, I did a search and it is usually $65, which seems like a lot for samples, but then the brand is pricey.

There was a card that gave some info on the products and the ingredients for each one. The line features extracts from Kigelia Africana, a fruit from sub-Saharan Africa. The fruit is supposed to be anti-inflammatory, firming, clarifying, and antioxidant. There are only 3 products in the line, and they are all in this box. They are supposed to treat sun-damaged skin.

Kelia The Night Cream ($45) has hyaluronic acid, which helps keep skin moist, plus plant oils and extracts and shea butter. It smells natural and my skin seemed to like it, but it had a thick consistency that was odd, I guess it didn’t feel “slippery”, if that makes sense? It also felt like it was pilling while I rubbed it on, but that may be shea butter crystals. The citrus extracts in here may make you susceptible to sun burn, so make sure to wear sunscreen!

Kelia The Repair Serum ($25.50) goes on before the night or day cream. It has goji berry and bamboo stem extracts and is supposed to help restore radiance. It isn’t oily and while it is a bit sticky, once it dries it feels fine.

Kelia The Moisturizer ($12.71) I liked this moisturizer, and like the other items it isn’t greasy at all. Green tea and pomegranate seed oils may help reduce redness and provide antioxidants. This product also has essential oils, including some citrus oils, and they may make skin burn in the sun so wear that sunscreen! I noticed that I could smell this product anytime I went near heat: opening the oven door, sitting in the car with the heater on. It wasn’t bothersome, just noticeable.

Here’s a look at the night cream!

Soap Therapy Naturals Nudist Makeup Remover ($12.99) I pretty much do a double cleanse every night, using an oil or lotion first to remove makeup, then my usual cleanser to pick up the makeup I missed and remove the rest of the oil. This is an oily remover, so I used it as the first step.

Jojoba and coconut oils plus a few other ingredients are in the bottle. Just give it a good shake, pour on a cotton pad, and wipe the face to help break down foundation etc. I didn’t use this on my eyes. I think it did a good job of removing that first layer and it smelled mostly like witch hazel.

Makes 3 Organics Lemon & Olive Organic Cuticle Balm ($9.99) I am loving all of these new-to-me brands!

The cream is made of all organic ingredients, like shea butter and coconut oil, and even provides a bit of aromatherapy since it smells good when you open the jar.

Just scrape a bit out of the jar and rub it into cuticles or other dry spots, like elbows or heels. My product was very smooth and a little went a long way.

I enjoyed trying all of the products in my very first Ginkgo & Grace box! I wasn’t expecting a silk pillowcase but it sure felt luxurious to lay my head on it at night. Although the face serum and moisturizers felt different compared to similar big brand items, I did enjoy using them and my skin seemed to like them. The makeup remover worked well and the cuticle cream was a relaxing way to end my day. In fact, most of these items seem to be perfect for a nighttime routine! Although the letter included in the box didn’t have much product info, there were a couple of inserts that helped, and the other products had pertinent info right on the containers. The value for this introductory box was around $112.97, which is more than the price paid for the subscription and shipping.

Are you getting the Ginkgo & Grace box too?

Visit Ginkgo & Grace to subscribe or find out more!


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