Enchantment Box March 2019 Full Spoilers!

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We have the March 2019 Enchantment Box full spoilers!

The theme this month is Celtic Goddess!

Happy Imbolc! ?

When many of us think of March, St. Patricks Day comes to mind but we wanted to feature the powerful women instead! Our Celtic Goddess box celebrates the likes of Brighid, Rhiannon, Epona & Morrigan. Your box will be delivered during the start of the Spring Equinox, Ostara which is also around the time of the celebration of ‘Lady Day’ which honors all the goddesses! Are you ready for this powerful magick?

Each box includes:

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Here’s another product that I have been a long time looker and decided last month to be a first time buyer. This is @theenchantmentbox where each box has a fantastical theme and all the products are vegan, cruelty-free, fair trade, and proceeds from each box sold benefit the @enchantedfarmsanctuary to help out rescued farm animals! I had to snatch up the #march #box when I saw the theme was #celticgoddess !!! You all know I love embracing my #celticheritage , and this box was waiting on my doorstep today full of all kinds of #goodies to do so! It included an #aromatherapy inhaler with a scentblend to remind you of #ireland , #tealight candles for the #irish goddess #morrigan , #herbridean sea salt scrub, a book about the goddess #rhiannon , #chocolates , a necklace for the goddess #epona (a must for any #celt living in #kentucky ), an #incense blend for the goddess #brighid , and a #flowercrown to top it all off! Now if you will excuse me, I am off to channel my inner #stevienicks in my backyard! Thank you @theenchantmentbox !!! #theenchantmentbox #subscriptionbox #celticheritage #embraceyourinnergoddess #celticgoddess

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Earlier spoilers:

Rhiannon: Divine Queen of the Celtic Britons by Jhenah Telyndru

Third Reveal is this gorgeous book written by Jhenah Telyndru @ynys_afallon is called Rhiannon: Divine Queen of the Celtic Britons ?

To truly know Rhiannon, we must undertake a journey to pursue that which we most desire. We must excavate the layers of her myth, decode the meaning of her symbols, and seek to restore the significance of her very name.

Although she has a mythology around her, and has many modern-day devotees, nowhere in ancient lore has she been identified as a Goddess. There are no known ancient prayers or rituals in her honor. We have no known cult centers or devotional altars dedicated to Rhiannon.

How then do we approach this revered Lady? How can we best know her as Goddess? We cannot pursue her directly, for the seemingly slow and steady gait of her magnificent white mount ever outpaces even the swiftest of steeds. We need but call to her, and ask for what we need… be it her bag of plenty, the soul-healing song of her birds, or the empowerment of the sovereignty she holds, when you call to Rhiannon, the Divine Queen of the Britons, know that she will stop… and know that she will answer your call. ?

Ishga Scottish Seaweed Organic Skincare

Our second reveal is here…. and the third soon to follow in the next few days! Even though the box has specific goddesses included we wanted to also give you something from the motherland to make you feel like your own goddess. This beautiful product is from @ishgaorganicskincare and it’s an Hebridean Sea Salt and Oil scrub that has magical properties! What makes this special is that it harnesses key ingredients that are only found in Western Isles of Scotland like the seaweed and salt. Even the water used inside is from the Hebridean Islands and is said to hold magical properties, with their pools surrounded by fairies and merpeople who inhabit it. Feeling enchanted yet? Fun fact Ishga is derived from the Gaelic word for water. Make sure to follow our posts to learn more about this product! Value $30

Moon Goddess Magick Apothecary Brighid’s Blessings Goddess Incense Vial

Brighid represents the goddess in her maiden form~ She symbolizes new beginnings, purification, and healing~ Bridget’s eternal flame burns bright and is everlasting like the seasons themselves. If you are unable to have a bonfire in her name like most, then this is a wonderful alternative to add to your Ritual for Brighid. Made with Organic Herbs, Flowers and Resins of Rosehips, Jasmine, Orange Peel, Heather, Immortelle, Lavender and Copal~ The smell of this blend is bright and everlasting like Bridhids flame~ Not just for Imbolc but may also be used all year to Honor the Goddess Brighid. Perfect enjoyed in the bottle, on a charcoal disc or in a bath with added epsom salts. Value $11.75

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