Dollar Tea Club March 2019 Review

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Dollar Tea Club is a monthly subscription that sends loose-leaf teas in an amount that works for you. They have a few different plans to choose from and all of the teas are made without artificial flavors. The teas are ethically sourced through direct trade, which means better quality tea while knowing the farmers are paid reasonable wages and treated with respect. Subscriptions are fully customizable and can be changed anytime.

Hate waiting in line just to get your name spelled wrong? We’re on a journey to make exploring new tea blends fun for everyone.. yes, even coffee drinkers.

Everything in my recyclable mailer! I am reviewing The Explorer plan, which is $1 for 3 samples of tea, which is enough for 6-8 cups. A 3-pack of honey sticks is another $1.95. Shipping is extra. They offer two other plans: The Sensei and The Sommelier. Both plans include filters, a strainer with your first order, and varying amounts of tea based on which plan you choose.

Raw Canadian Honey Stix ($1.95) are a handy way to carry honey around on the go. Stick it in your lunchbox and stir into a midday cup of tea. Or pour it on yogurt or fruit. Each BPA-free straw holds 1 teaspoon of honey.

The Tea Club Irish Breakfast Tea Usually Irish Breakfast Tea is a hearty basic black tea but The Tea Club decided to go with a different interpretation.

The base is green tea with cute little sugary shamrocks. It says it has notes of chocolate, coffee, and vanilla along with bergamot but all I tasted was the floral/citrus notes of bergamot. The green tea leaves unfurled during steeping but the shamrocks didn’t melt since I used water just under the boil. My tea was light in body but had a lot of flavor, and no bitterness at all.

The Tea Club Earl Grey Tea I have only just learned to enjoy Earl Grey tea in the past year or so. It is almost always flavored with bergamot, a citrus fruit, which is known for its signature aroma and flavor.

This blend also has cornflower petals, which are the blue pieces in the picture above. The flavor of this tea was very nice, with citrus and floral notes. I added a bit of sugar and a touch of milk to cut the tannins a bit but this was a light and very flavorful cup of tea!

The Tea Club Licorice Roll Tea I was a little nervous to try this tea at first since I am not a fan of licorice but seeing anise in the ingredients gave me hope.

This is primarily a rooibos tea and I don’t think it tasted like licorice at all. It was a nice tea to try in the evening since it is caffeine-free but as for the flavor, it was simply rooibos.

Dollar Tea Club sends some tasty teas that are beautiful to look at and are quite tasty. They don’t taste fake and I am always happy with the quality! The Earl Grey was my favorite this month, and I just want to say how cute are the bags? One has shamrocks on it, another has licorice allsorts, and one has the Earl himself!

Do you like tea? What do you think of this tea subscription?

Visit Dollar Tea Club to subscribe or find out more!

Dollar Tea Club

Dollar Tea Club allows members to build their monthly tea subscription. Members will receive 1-4 teas of their choice every month along with 3 loose leaf samples. Subscriptions are fully customizable and can be changed anytime.

Ships From CA to US/CA.
Shipping $4.50 Shipping to US & Canada
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