Bath Bevy February 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Bath Bevy is a monthly bath product subscription box. You’ll receive a box full of bath products like bath bombs, salts, soaks, bubbles, scrubs and more – all that’s left to do is to just add water! So many great items in these boxes and they always smell fantastic.

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The February theme is All the Love.

Everything in my February Bath Bevy Box!

Bath Bevy always does the greatest in packing up my goodies. The tissue goes with the theme and then all the products are packed tight in squiggles.

The box comes with a nice thick card with information on all the included items with some fun descriptions and any discounts that might apply.

Love Spell Bubble Bath Jug by Bath Bevy – I’m a the more bubbles the merrier kind of person and this little jug is so cute.  The bubble bath is scented with a blend of orange, peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine.  The instructions say to add a little but pretty sure I will push the limits on what a little is.

XOXO Bath Rocks by ZeepDid you love pop rocks as a kid? My brothers and I used to always grab them from the store when we got to get candy. This is a fun twist on the POP Rocks we all knew and loved with a fun version for the bath.  Sprinkle as many as we want in the tub and enjoy a soak with some ultra-moisturizing, fizzy strawberry vanilla cotton candy and fruity cereal scented fun.

Mad Love Bath Cocoa Butter Bath Melt by Moon’s HarvestThis bath bomb is good for 2-3 baths by simple cutting or breaking off a piece before adding to your bath. Bath melts are super moisturizing so Bath Bevy reminds us to be careful when getting in and out of the slippery tub.  This cute little heart has top notes of almond followed by noted of white cake, caramel, and Madagascar vanilla.

The Cocoa Butter Bath Melt came in this super fun box all wrapped up like a little present.

Love Spell Heart Bath Bomb by Organicarelic – Another fun love shaped goodie that comes in a small packing box. Don’t the small boxes make everything that much cuter. The heart shape bath bomb is scented with grapefruit, clementine and strawberry with  middle notes of peach, black currant and rose petals with a musky base.

Happy Place Epsom Salt by Feeling Smitten – Since I’ve gone back to work and still come home to two very active boys my muscles are always sore and tight. Epsom Salt baths are fantastic and so relaxing.  These salts will sooth sore muscles and soften skin with their blend of Epsom and European Dead Sea Salts with coconut oil and an anti-stressed blend of lilac and jasmine. Dump this whole bag in and let it carry you away.

Love Cake Bath Bomb by Bath Bevy – Another bath bomb to add that extra oomph to a bath. This Cake Bath Bomb is scented with a combination of berries, orange and peach over a tasty cake with a large dollop of whipped cream.

What a Lovely Bath Bevy box for February. The whole box smells sublime and with the colder winter weather the extra moisturizing is going to come in handy. With two boys I’m a bit partial to all the pink in this box. It really makes me feel all girlie and ready to just grab a good romance novel and hide away in the bathroom to soak for hours.

Did you love this month’s box? 

Visit Bath Bevy to subscribe or find out more!


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