YumeTwins March 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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YumeTwins is a monthly Kawaii subscription brought to you by the same people behind TokyoTreat. Every month, you’ll receive an assortment of super cute and adorable kawaii products from Japan which might include accessories, plushies, figures, keychains, stationeries, and other collectibles. All items are licensed merchandise from popular Japanese brands. The box is $35 per month.

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Here’s a peek inside the box. There is a Reward Catalog 2018 mini mag and some toys on the side. Also, the items are individually wrapped in plastic.

The theme for this box is SPRING COMPANIONS!

Here’s a short overview of this month’s theme and what to expect from the box.

Inside the magazine is a list of items with pictures and brief descriptions.

This month’s featured item is the Kawaii Key Holder! You can also take a photo of it with your YumeTwins box for this month’s photo contest.

There’s also a page dedicated to the adorable Disney cat, Marie, and a fun art corner that showcases photos submitted by the subscribers!

Everything in the March 2019 YumeTwins Box!

Cutesy Organiser File. Spring is the perfect opportunity to organize stuff, and this file organizer came just in time for it. There’s a bunch of designs to collect, from the Sanrio Gang to Kirby. The one I got is from Sanrio, the cool Kero Kero Keroppi!

The adorable file organizer has lots of colorful prints of Keroppi having fun with a vinyl record and enjoying the music!

The pocket inside is included to protect your important documents. It’s made of plastic. This item is very useful and kawaii too.

Disney Highlighter Pen. This is a really nice highlighter, whether for school, work, or just marking stuff that needs to be organized. Subscribers can get 1 out of 5 Disney designs. I got the sweet duck couple, Donald and Daisy!

The pen has two ends. One is in pink and the other is purple.

Kawaii Key Holder. This key holder is undeniably the most kawaii item in this box! It features our favorite egg, Gudetama, and we couldn’t be more happy about it.

The key holder has several attachments on it. It has a bigger main trigger snap that will make it easier to attach to bags, pockets, or if you want to hang it up. At the bottom, it has another smaller trigger snap and several simplex snaps to put your keys on.

There’s our favorite lazy egg! Other designs that you can get includes Sumiko Gurashi, Rilakumma, and Korilakkuma.

It also has a retractable string so you can turn your keys easier without even taking off the holder from your pocket or bag.

Animal Face Pouch. It is soft, cute, and really functional. There are 7 available cat, dog, and bear designs, and I got this black feline with a lovely smile!

It also has a strap so I can place it alongside my bag, or it can serve as a handle when I decide to just bring it alone. It can fit several small makeup items inside or some spare change!

Disney Dreamy Plushie. I love this plushie, it’s perfect for cuddling! For the Disney plushies, you can get Minnie Mouse, Ms. Bunny from Bambi, Dumbo, or Marie of the Aristocats. I got the really adorable Minnie in a beautiful pink pastel.

It’s 23 centimeters big, and that’s good for a big hug. The plushie looks good alongside my pillows, and I can’t help but squish it.

Cute Tumbler Set. There are 2 designs available for these set tumblers, which are Splatoon and Rilakkuma. I am happy to get the adorable bears!

It’s a set of 3 kawaii tumblers, complete with straws and lids.

The straws are even bendable!

The tumblers are good to bring for picnics or long trips.

Springtime is a really fun time, and YumeTwins definitely added more excitement for the coming season with all the kawaii inclusions in this box. I’m not being biased but my favorite from this box is definitely the Minnie plushie, with the Gudetama key holder a close second. I also like the tumbler set because it’s really useful. This box is full of kawaii-ness and functionality, that’s why we’re always excited whenever it comes. We are definitely looking forward to the next box!

What do you think of YumeTwins this month?

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