Switch Designer Jewelry Rental Subscription Box Review + Coupon – February 2019

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Switch is a jewelry subscription that lets you rent designer jewelry starting at $29 a month. You can wear the pieces for as long as you like, or switch them out for new piece(s) whenever you want. Shipping is always free. The jewelry, which includes pieces by Hermes, Alexander McQueen, and Celine, among others, averages $500, and includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, and rings. Jewelry is cleaned between wearers.

I have always admired fun statement jewelry on other women, but I can never bring myself to commit to a piece. Who wants to spend $500 on a piece of jewelry that you may wear only a few times before it goes out of fashion? But who wouldn’t like having an amazing new piece whenever you go out? Not being an heiress or a tech entrepreneur, and having a firm frugality-is-golden Midwestern upbringing, I figured that this kind of jewelry was out of reach for me. Enter Switch, which lets you have fun without the commitment. It’s like internet dating for jewelry!

DEAL: Get half off your first month on any plan. (There is now a waitlist for new members). Use coupon code HELLOHALF.

Sign-up is simple. You look through the collection and pick the pieces you like. The website makes it easy to know which pieces are available. So, just like you’re shopping, you pick what you want, put them in your closet, and check out. Shipping is free both ways, and Switch is now sending you updates when your pieces arrive to you and back to them, which is nice piece of mind. Wear your jewelry as long as you like, and send it back when you’re ready for something new. I have the Black plan, which allows me to have three pieces at any one time for $69 a month.

The Switch-branded packaging is sleek and stylish.  Don’t forget to save that black shipping envelope, though — you’ll need it to send the jewelry back.

Well, it’s February. Hopefully you’ve abandoned your too-ambitious plans to avoid sugar, alcohol, and social media and you’re back to the land of reality.  A place where there is fun jewelry!  And fun jewelry reviews.  Some months, I get whatever catches my fancy on the expansive Switch inventory list, but this month I had some events I wanted particular jewelry for, so I shopped with that in mind.  (How awesome is that, by the way?!)  I got the Do Not Disturb Sonoma Ring ($785 retail value), the Christian Dior Chain Necklace ($450 retail value), and the Yves Saint Laurent Textured Circle Cuff Bracelet ($500 retail value).

First up is the stunning Do Not Disturb Sonoma Ring ($785 retail value).

This is one of those pieces of jewelry that I can’t stop looking at because every time I do, it makes me happy.  This beautiful stack of five thin 14K rose gold bands hugs the bottom of your finger (it’s a tight size 6) and rises about an inch toward the knuckle.  The alternating bands of beads and teeny diamond chips (.174 TCW) are sparkly and fun.

Unlike some stacked rings, this one actually looks like you are wearing five tiny bands (and have magically spaced them perfectly).  It’s attention-getting without being showy, and elegant without being fussy.  And I really can’t emphasize enough how just plain pretty it is.  Love, love, love this ring.  Wear it everywhere!

Next up is the Christian Dior Chain Necklace ($450 retail value).

I had a big meeting at work this week, and I knew I wanted a powerful piece of statement jewelry to go with my navy suit.  My mother would say I should have invested in a serious piece of jewelry, but who wants to sink hundreds or thousands of dollars into one necklace that you might wear a couple of times a year?  And could be out of fashion before you get your money’s worth out of it?  I’d much prefer to get the pieces I need, when I need them.

You can see the Dior logo on the secure snap-hook clasp. This brassy gold-tone 17″ curb chain sits nicely up on your collarbones, so it fits great under a button down with a blazer, or it can ride above a scoop neck top.  It looked great with my suit.  This is the kind of totemic piece that gives you confidence that you’re presenting just the image you intend.  I love that I used its power, and now I can send it back for someone else to use.  Share the power, folks.

Last up is the Yves Saint Laurent Textured Circle Cuff Bracelet ($500 retail value).

Sometimes I need elegant pieces for fancy events, sometimes I need power jewelry for meetings, and sometimes I needs something edgy and awesome, just because.  As soon as I saw this cuff on the Switch website, I knew it would be perfect for the Late-80s-Themed-Musical-Theater-Production (can you guess which one?) I was seeing.  This 5.75″ bracelet (that’s pretty tight; consider your wrist size) is gunmetal with a floral/barnacle/amp design.

You can see the YSL logo on the underside. This bracelet is somehow shiny and dark at the same time, and it sits up high on your wrist.  I wore it with camo jeans and moto boots, but you can rock the subversiveness with a less obvious style.

February brought a lot of variety to my calendar, and I was so great to find the perfect piece for each event.  I sent it all back this month, but if I had REALLY not been able to live without something, I could buy it right out of my closet at a reduced rate. Plus, you get $10/month toward the purchase of one of your pieces! I definitely have my eye on a few things.

Overall, Switch is a really fun experience. I really like the variety of pieces available. I love the idea that I can go “shopping” for new jewelry anytime I want. Given the retail prices of the pieces (over $1600 total in this shipment!), the $29-69/month is very reasonable value. With that money, I can either buy a new piece of jewelry every 1-2 years, or I can have a new piece whenever I want. For this kind of statement jewelry that may have a shelf life of your interest or that of the fashion world’s, the economics really do weigh in favor of renting. I can’t wait to get my next Switch!

Have you tried Switch? Which piece is next in your queue? Let us know in the comments below!

Visit Switch to subscribe or find out more!


Switch is a membership service that lets you borrow luxury designer jewelry from brands like Hermes and Chanel, and fine jewelry made with 14k gold and diamonds. Plans start at $29/month. You can hang on to your pieces for as long (or as little) as you want and exchange them as often as you want. Their jewelry has an average retail value of $550 and you can access any piece in their collection, regardless of your plan. You can also purchase pieces at special member prices and for each month you're a member, you earn $10 of purchase credit.

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Get half off your first month on any plan. Use coupon code HELLOHALF.


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