Pixi Beauty Review – #pixiglow

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Every so often we get a chance to review a brand that isn’t a subscription box. Pixi Beauty reached out to us last year asking if we would be interested in reviewing some products, and being fans we said yes!

This cute travel bag has adorable rose gold details.

The bag includes nine items from the Pixi Rose collection. I’m so excited to try everything, since I’ve only used two of the products before.

Unfolded so you can see how much room there is to stash your makeup and skincare.

It has a cute personalized tag, which can be removed if you want to.

Rose Glow Mist ($15) — A blend of 7 flower oils in a mist formula so you can easily hydrate during the day. I love how refreshing this feels while keeping my skin soft and dewy.

Makeup Fixing Mist ($15) — Reminds me a lot of the special edition MAC Fix+ that debuted during A Rose Romance. It’s a pretty standard setting spray rosewater and other great ingredients like Centella. You can use this to fix the makeup already on your face or spray it onto a brush before applying.

Rose Cream Cleanser ($18) — This is so incredibly soothing and I’ve used it several times now. It has rose as well as clove, so if the scent isn’t your favorite (it’s not mine) it can be pretty stinky. But I don’t find it too strong and it just cleanses so nicely without stripping my skin.

Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths — A small packet of 10 wipes. I wasn’t as impressed with these, as they didn’t really remove my waterproof makeup easily. They did, but it took quite a bit of rubbing which isn’t ideal.

Rose Caviar Essence ($24) — YAY! So happy to have another of these. This was probably the first Pixi skincare product I tried, and it was sent to me in my first Pixi package. I love it and had finished my tube a couple of months ago. The “caviar” is spheres of rose oil that burst when you smooth them into your skin.

Rose Flash Balm ($24) — Another treat I already reviewed in an earlier Pixi package. This is a great thick cream you can use as a mask treatment or as a daily moisturizer.

Rose Ceramide Cream ($24) — I love ceramides. If your skin is needing some love, it’s a great way to help rebuild your skin’s natural acid mantle and protect it from damage. So many amazing ingredients in this, including shea butter, Centella, and fermented ingredients.

Rose Tonic ($15) — Pixi has a lot of great toners, and this is their rosewater and elderflower toner which is the prettiest pink. It also has chamomile to calm skin.

Rose Oil Blend ($2) — Ahhhh, I love facial oils. They make me very happy, especially in winter. This is a great blend of sweet almond, rose, jojoba, orange peel, and other floral oils. The orange adds a nice spicy twist.

What a great collection! I am so impressed with everything that was sent and was so excited to see new things to try as well as some old favourites.


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