Marvel Collector Corps January 2019 Subscription Box Review – Classic X-Men

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Marvel Collector Corps is a bi-monthly subscription from Marvel Comics and Funko, now available through Amazon! The box promises 4 to 7 collectibles in every box, including an exclusive vinyl Pop for $29.99

Funko recently ended managing their own subscriptions but has made the past boxes available in their shop with no subscription required. Boxes are $35.

Looking at the box, the theme is apparent – Classic X-Men!

I am excited upon opening the box, especially when I saw Professor X’s school symbol!

The info card lists all the items inside the box. Although this card is smaller, it’s nice to see it return!

Everything in the January 2019 box!

Fuzzy Beast Socks. Dr. Hank McCoy accidentally enhanced his mutant abilities by injecting himself a serum that he made using Mystique’s blood, and it turned him furry and blue, like this pair of socks.

The pair is more fuzzy than usual, and I love that it is a toe sock. Instead of a whole toe part, it is divided into 5, for all your toes!

I believe the design is based on Hank’s prehensile feet!

You can also find the Xavier’s School logo on the leg part of the fresh pair.

Xavier’s School Notebook. If you’re a “gifted” youngster, I advise that you attend Professor Xavier’s school, to train and enhance your abilities, and by doing so, you’ll need something to jot all the important notes! This notebook features the school’s classic logo in front.

All the pages are lined, so you can write neatly and organized. It’s also handy and there are lots of pages to take down all your notes.

Wolverine Pen Topper. Of course, you have a notebook, so you’ll need a pen to write into it. Here I got a pen with a POP! version of Wolverine as a topper!

Here’s Wolverine wearing his original costume of yellow, black, and blue, with his mask looking more animal-like. This is the costume that I remember mostly that the Wolverine wore.

Pop! X-Men #424 Angel Bobble-Head Figure. I also got an exclusive Marvel Collector Corps POP! Bubblehead from this box, and it’s Angel!

You can also get bobbleheads of Cable, Archangel, Quicksilver, Psylocke, Sabretooth, and Storm, aside from Angel.

Warren Kenneth Worthington III, or popularly known as Angel and later on as Archangel, is a founding member of the X-Men.

Angel is wearing his fourth costume of red and white, which is considered the most influential one, as most of his subsequent costumes were slight alterations of this design.

His golden locks are easily recognizable on this POP! and, of course, his enormous feathered wings.

Rock Candy X-Men Dark Phoenix Figure ($16.99) Funko’s Rock Candy figures are 5 inches vinyl figures. For this X-Men box, we got Dark Phoenix!

Like most Funko figures, the Rock Candy also came in a window box, so if you don’t want to take the figure out, you can still see its beauty.

Jean Grey starts to spiral out of control when a mysterious cosmic force hit her during an outer space rescue mission, and it nearly killed her. Instead, it made her more powerful but far more unstable, and Phoenix became corrupted by power, hence, the Dark Phoenix.

The flames on her hands make her look like the Phoenix bird that just risen from the ashes.

She’s also donning the red and gold costume with a Phoenix print in front, and her red hair flowing at her back, like strong air is being blown at her. Maybe, this would look more powerful if she’s floating in the air!

March is fast approaching… And it’s time for Captain Marvel!

Marvel Collector Corps is still a fun way of growing a Funko Marvel collection. This month, aside from a bobblehead POP!, I also got a Rock Candy in the form of Dark Phoenix which is really astounding. I now have lots of  Marvel collectibles, and I would like to keep it growing! Everything from this box is high-quality, and the Classic X-Men theme is definitely nostalgic. It appeals so much to me, as I grew up reading the comics, watching the animations and movies! If you missed this box, don’t forget to tap the bell on this post – Amazon has been releasing them after the fact, and we’ll let you know about the next one!

What do you think of this month’s box?

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