Geek Gear Box January 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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GeekGear is a UK subscription box for geeks and gamers. You’ll receive one box a month filled with gear according to the monthly theme. Items include licensed and exclusive merchandise, plus other surprises. The current price of this subscription is £19.99 plus £5.99 shipping to the US – about $37 shipped.

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Everything is wrapped in a black tissue paper with the Geek Gear logo.

The box is full!

A tri-fold pamphlet is included, which gives more information about this month’s box contents.

It gives you a full list of all the items in your box.

Everything in my box!

DC Comics Aquaman Print (£4.99) The Geek Gear licensed exclusive print for this month features Aquaman!

Aquaman, along with the other rulers of the seven oceanic kingdoms, look good in this comic style print. Atlantis was once a kingdom on land that sunk to the sea, and its people were divided into seven distinct nations: Atlantis, Xebel, The Trench, Kingdom of the Fishermen, Kingdom of the Brine, Kingdom of the Deserters, and the Hidden Sea.

Trident Enamel Pin (£4.99) Another item to give honor to everyone’s favorite aquatic hero is this Trident pin.

It’s a two-post pin that comes with rubber clutches to secure the pin in place when worn or used.

The trident, or mostly known as the Trident of Neptune, is a magical weapon that grants its wielder great power and the divine right to rule the sea. It can manipulate and conjure water, and can also disperse energy in the form of bolts and force fields. The current wielder of this powerful item is Aquaman.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Festival Wristbands (£6.99) The wrist bands for this month’s box features the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!

I love the green one with just Groot and his popular catchphrase ” I am Groot,” while the maroon one features all the characters from the film. The bands have an adjustable bead lock that makes it fit any wrist size.

DC Comics Bendable Keychain (£9.99) There are several figures you can get from the DC bendable key chains, and I got Batman.

For the Batman series, you can also get Batman, Robin, the Penguin, Catwoman, and the Batmobile keychain.

It’s the classic look of Batman from the 1960s!

The keychain has a trigger snap if you want to attach and hang it to your bag, while it also comes with a keyring if you want to organize your keys with it, or you want to put it together with other chains and/or charms.

It’s bendable, so the figure is poseable and playable!

Licensed Game of Thrones Slim Poster (£9.99) The slim poster features the Fantasy TV series that everybody’s excited about as we are nearing its last season.

The poster is printed in high-quality, and it will definitely remind us of how epic the series was, even when it’s already concluded. We’ll be hanging this right up in our viewing space when Season 8 premieres!

Exclusive Artist Signed Poster (£11.99) Paul Tonner outdid himself again with this wonderful art that features some of the characters from the Game of Thrones: Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and the Night King who occupies most of the space on the picture.

The artist’s signature can be found at the lower left of the poster.

Enemies of the Future Shirt (£11.99) This month’s shirt features the thrilling sci-fi film, Alien VS Predator!

The black shirt looks good with all the designs they used. It actually looked tribal with a mix of futuristic elements and merging the two styles produced a really cool shirt. I also like the fact that it’s comfy and fits me really well!

This hint got me really thrilled for the next box! It’s DEADPOOL! ❤️️

Another great box from Geek Gear to start the year! For this box, my favorite is definitely the shirt with the Alien and the Predator fighting each other to know who’s supreme. The GOT items also got us really excited about the upcoming new and final season, and having those posters will always remind us of a great show and a fantastic run. The DC bendable figures are a cool addition to our figures too, as they give us the classic look of the DC superhero, along with the other characters. The Aquaman print and pin are great inclusions too, Aquaman is undeniably one of the great DC superheroes movies ever released (along with Wonder Woman, of course!).

What do you think of this month’s Geek Gear box?

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